David Erker

David is a Senior Director of Corporate Banking. He works with large clients and prospective borrowers to underwrite and structure loans that allow them to operate their businesses effectively. His goal is to represent his client’s complete needs, introducing additional services as necessary to help them meet their business goals.


David’s career at First National Bank began in 1980 as a management trainee. Since then, he has served as a credit analyst and in several lending roles, including overseeing the bank’s Commercial Real Estate Group. He earned a BSBA from Creighton University and is a graduate of the Colorado Graduate School of Banking.


David considers himself a “serial soccer game watcher”. He attends numerous high school and college matches each year and is a regular at Creighton and University of Nebraska Omaha games. In fact, if he’s driving by a field and a game is in progress, he is likely to stop.

David enjoys the health and emotional benefits of exercising (if not necessarily the actual exercise itself), so is active in biking, swimming and running. He also likes traveling with his family and taking part in his community through a number of organizations. He has served on the boards of Completely Kids, Girl Scouts and Duchesne Academy and is currently acting as a Boys Town Booster.

"As a business lender I enjoy getting to see, and work with, the numerous unique businesses that participate in our economy – it is amazing how many businesses provide products or services that the average person would never be aware of, or appreciate."