Brady Przymus

Director, Decentralized Account Manager

Brady Przymus

Brady is a Director and Decentralized Account Manager at FNBO, responsible for commercial cards in the northern half of California. He works with other financial services organizations to bring the value of credit to commercial entities. Through these third-party relationships, he helps clients to maximize business efficiency and to protect the security of payment processes. The results speak for themself as clients realize increased efficiencies, more stable cash flow, tighter payment security, and cost savings, while still providing prompt payments to commercial account vendors.


Brady began work at FNBO as a teller in Nebraska while still in college. He began his career in commercial banking as a credit analyst, underwriting C&I and CRE loans for Nebraska, Kansas and Texas markets. He eventually moved into agribusiness before transitioning to commercial cards. Over the years, Brady has developed diverse and extensive experience which he freely shares with his clients.

Brady earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and is currently working on a Master of Science in Financial Technology from the University of Central Florida.


Brady likes staying active golfing, like every other self-respecting banker does, but his interests aren’t limited to the putting green. He enjoys a wide range of activities, including other sports, working out, playing Texas Hold’em poker, singing, video games and investing or developing real estate. At the top of his list, is spending time with his family, fiancé, and two dogs.

“Imagine years or decades from now when you are 95 years old and near the end of your life. How much money would you pay in that moment to go back to the period of life that you are currently in? Probably an infinite amount, as much as you possibly could, right? No matter how I may be feeling or what I am currently struggling with, this always grounds me and reminds me how priceless the present moment is and just how special it is to be here right now.”