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Customers of FNBO—Gala Painting’s Story

Customers of FNBO—Gala Painting’s Story

FNBO is proud to feature Gala Painting in Omaha, Nebraska. Owner Cameron Gales said he started the business in 2014 after losing his previous job.

“I was looking to put myself and my family in a position where I'd be able to provide and have a stable income. I knew there was a lot of opportunity for minority-owned small businesses but there weren't a lot out there, so I took advantage of it.”

And while Gales knew he had the business acumen to start up his own shop, he had to start at square one to hone his skills as a painter.

“When I started, I didn't have a paintbrush or a truck. It started small — I painted a bathroom and learned by trial and error. I had the business side down, but I had to learn how to paint by just practicing and watching videos.”

Today Gales employs three other painters on his crew, but he isn’t in a rush to expand much further. The flexibility and sense of community a small business provides, as well as the gratification of the work itself, is enough for him.

“My advice to anyone who wants to start their own business would be, ‘don't grow too fast.’ There’s always going to be a next project, and growth doesn't necessarily mean success. There's nothing wrong with being a small business.”

For now, Gales is content with Gala Painting’s position in the residential painting market.

“I've found my niche in residential. I'd rather do four or five houses in a week than be on a large project for two months.”

When it comes to his relationship with FNBO, Gales credited his banker, Jeremy Guffey, for helping him through all the trials and tribulations of business ownership.

“He's had my best interest at heart in tough situations. That's been the biggest part of it.”

Gales explained that FNBO’s commitment to the community played a large part in choosing a bank.

"I can see my banker in the neighborhood, at the gym or the store, and that's important. Community is important. I’ve learned that a lot of thought goes into the banking process, and it's been a learning curve. Having someone explain it to you and tell you what to fix so it can be reconsidered has been so helpful.”

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