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Global Impacts | The Midwest/Rocky Mountain Economy in 2019

Global impacts: The Midwest and Rocky Mountain economy in 2019 from First National Bank of Omaha

Global Impacts | The Midwest/Rocky Mountain Economy in 2019

The Midwest/Rocky Mountain regional economy is enjoying robust growth. Business and consumer sentiment are positive. Investment and employment is on the upswing. And the ground is fertile with innovation across the region’s major industries – agriculture, manufacturing and financial services – as well as related fields like information technologies, materials science, energy, healthcare and travel/tourism. But as we look ahead to 2019, questions arise about the maturing business cycle, rising interest rates, unpredictable developments around trade and tariffs and an ongoing slump in global agricultural commodity prices.

Read from First National Bank of Omaha’s leadership team how key global trends are going to impact the Midwest/Rocky Mountain regional economy in 2019. Key themes discussed include:

  • Rising Interest Rates
  • Global Trade and Tariffs
  • The Agriculture, Manufacturing and Financial Services Industries in the Region
  • What to Expect in 2019
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