Our Ongoing Commitment to Kindness

By carrying these cards, you can help make a kinder world possible. With our ongoing commitment to kindness, we partner with and make donations to organizations that make a difference in our communities by teaching and promoting the importance of kindness, including:

Empowering Females

Since 2016, we’ve invested nearly $3 million in nonprofit organizations working to empower females with the strength, confidence and the skills to needed to succeed in all aspects of life.

Youth Frontiers

Youth Frontiers is an organization committed to providing schools with experiences that inspire character, civility and community. Our partnership supports Kindness Retreats for youth across our communities. These retreats empower kids to be “everyday heroes” by using kindness to include others, to be respectful and to make their schools better places.

Boys Town National Hotline

We partner with the Boys Town National Hotline which receives approximately 150,000 contacts annually, the majority of which are directly related to suicide prevention and other mental health issues.

The Kim Foundation

The Kim Foundation focuses on increasing awareness and promoting continued education related to mental illness and suicide. They strive to break down the stigma often associated with mental health issues and works to assure individuals and families touched by mental illness and/or suicide that they are not alone on their journey to recovery.

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