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Financial Planning Opportunities During Volatile Times

The volatile market has naturally caused concern for many. However, did you know there may be opportunities you can take advantage of? Watch our short video to learn about financial planning strategies you may want to implement during volatile times.

Understanding Currency Market Volatility During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this short video, Matt Burke, Senior Advisor on FNBO’s Global Banking team, discusses the coronavirus’ impact on the U.S. dollar, how international currency markets have been influenced by the decline in oil prices and what impacts will be felt once things begin to normalize.

Why Hold Bonds with Rates Near Zero?

Since the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut the Fed Funds target interest rate to essentially zero in March of 2020, some investors are wondering why they should hold bonds. In this video, FNBO Wealth Management Senior Advisor Jason Harubin discusses the long-term value in holding fixed income securities as part of a diversified portfolio.

How Does the CARES Act Impact Your Financial Plan?

FNBO Wealth Management Advisor Ryan Decker discusses this landmark aid and stimulus bill that is designed to offset the economic disruption of the coronavirus through revisions in tax filling and required minimum distribution requirements as well as modifications to several rules related to retirement plan withdrawals and loans.

Why the Non-Profits in Your Community Need Your Support During the Pandemic

FNBO Vice President of Community Development & Corporate Philanthropy Alec Gorynski discusses how the non-profit community is being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to a decrease in individual giving, a drop in investment portfolios and canceled fundraising events, non-profits are in great need of support. Non-profit organizations have also seen a sharp increase in demand for their services due to the hardship many are facing at this time. Watch Alec’s short video to learn how you can help.

For updates on COVID-19, visit the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO)