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    Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
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    Additional Funding Available through SBA Paycheck Protection Program

    First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) is accepting submissions for PPP loans for business customers with active business checking, business savings or business loan accounts. The Paycheck Protection Program will be available for a limited time with the additional allocation of funding by Congress. 

    FNBO’s PPP support for its customers includes reviewing your submission, then working to provide it to the SBA where a loan number will be obtained if funds are available. We then communicate back to you regarding any additional information that may be needed for final approval and loan funding. Our goal is to help our customers gain access to loan dollars as quickly as possible while funds are available through the SBA. Please make sure your submission includes all requested information and documentation. A complete submission ensures faster processing.

    Before you start your submission, please review our FAQs. Also, we recommend reviewing our loan forgiveness FAQs.

    Please note: Your submission is not a guarantee of funding. Once you have provided FNBO with all of the required information and we verify that you meet our requirements, FNBO will send your submission to the SBA. Your loan will be funded if the SBA authorizes your submission and the Paycheck Protection Program has funds available. The funds appropriated by Congress for the Paycheck Protection Program are limited and may run out shortly. If funds for this program run out before your submission is authorized by the SBA, we will let you know.

    This is a two-step process:

    1. Click here to complete the PPP Borrower Application Form (SBA 2483). Please be sure to save a signed electronic copy as it will be needed in the submission process. This form will need to be the version available at the link, as no earlier version of the form will be accepted.
    2. Click here to enter the customer portal to begin the submission process.
      You will need to create a login and password. The portal will not accept your FNBO online banking username and password. Please note: Do not submit your application more than once as it will cause delays in processing your submission.

    When you log into the customer portal to initiate your submission, you will be asked to validate that you are an FNBO customer by providing your FNBO Business Checking or Business Loan Account Number. Please have this available. In addition you will be asked to upload SBA form 2483 and various payroll and tax forms as requested in the portal.  You will be able to save your submission throughout the process.

    After you’ve finalized your submission, you will be able to access a dashboard within the portal for updates on the status of your request.

    For the accuracy of your submission, we encourage you to seek guidance from your professional advisors. Also, please refer to the various U.S. Treasury and SBA resources provided below.

    Additional questions:

    • If you have questions AFTER you have initiated the submission process, please click here to request assistance.
    • If you have questions on the status of your application, please click here to log into your account on our portal.
    • If you would like information on paying off your PPP loan, please click here.

    As a Preferred SBA Lender, FNBO is proud to help our business customers access this vital financial support program.

    Please Note:  The Paycheck Protection Program is only available from the Small Business Administration via an existing SBA 7(a) lender or any participating federally insured depository institution, credit union and Farm Credit System institution.  Beware of fraudsters offering other options.

    Be advised that FNBO will not be able to disburse loan funds until the SBA has processed and approved your loan.

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    CARES Act & PPP

    A key provision of the CARES Act is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which authorizes SBA lenders like FNBO to make loans to small businesses through the SBA 7(a) loan program. Qualified businesses and non-profits with fewer than 500 employees can qualify for a 100% SBA-guaranteed loan to be used for payroll (including salaries, paid sick or medical, insurance premiums), mortgage, rent and utility payments for a period of time.

    We encourage you to prepare with the following steps:

    1. Learn more about the CARES Act.
      1. US Chamber of Commerce Guide
      2. CARES Act
      3. SBA COVID-19 Resources
    2. Talk with your FNBO Banker.
    3. Review the submission process above.

    If you are looking for assistance outside of the CARES Act / Paycheck Protection Program, please review our other FNBO Assistance options.

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    FNBO Assistance

    FNBO customers directly impacted by COVID-19 can request assistance including:

    • Additional credit and assistance accessing various local, state and federal assistance programs, including options available through the Small Business Administration. FNBO will provide Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans as defined within the CARES Act.
    • Potential refunds on overdraft fees, late fees, non-sufficient funds fees and balance-related monthly maintenance fees
    • Potential payment deferrals

    Contact Us:

    Please talk with your banker about the challenges you are experiencing today to help us prepare to serve you best during the coming weeks and months. You may also call us at 800-228-4411 or submit "Request Support" form, below.

    Please note that credit payment deferrals will create a balance at maturity. Additionally, we have temporarily paused foreclosure related-activities for business customers.

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    Manage Your Accounts Online

    As social distancing takes effect, it's paramount to enroll your business in online banking and payment tools if you haven't already. Complete the enrollment form and we will notify you when the enrollment process is complete on our end, usually within 1 business day. Then you’re good to access your new online account!

    • Setup account alerts with a variety of alert settings
    • Add additional products and services at any time
    • Send secure messages to our support team 24/7
    • Conveniently make payments and transfers
    View Online Banking Features
    Mobile app

    Payments, Deposits & More.

    Wherever you are, there are many ways you can make and receive payments, deposit money to your account or get cash. And, even if you’re confident with your current processes, it’s always good to have a backup plan.

    • PayMaker: You can digitally send and receive business payments from anywhere (check or ACH) through our payments platform, PayMaker. PayMaker also gives you the ability to convert your payments to ACH and removes the need to manually mail or receive payments by check. Enroll in 5 minutes or less under the “Pay & Get Paid” tab on your online banking dashboard.
    • Branch Drive Thru: You can still bank with us at your local branch with our drive thru services during operating hours. And, you can also deposit checks or cash 24/7 at our deposit accepting FNBO ATM’s. Keep updated with our branch statuses.
    • ACH Transfers: If you’re not enrolled in PayMaker, be sure you have a contingency plan for submitting and approving ACH and wires, including the possibility of writing checks.
    • Order Checks: You can order checks under the “Services” tab on your online banking dashboard.
    • Mobile App Deposits: In response to COVID-19, we have increased mobile app deposit limits for business customers through June 30, 2020. View your increased deposit limit in the “Make a Deposit” section in your mobile app.
      To enroll in Business Mobile Banking, go to the “Services” tab on your online banking dashboard. From there, you can enroll your business and download the app.
    • Cash Vault Services: Cash Vault Services are designed for businesses that make frequent deposits of cash and checks, or require a continuous inventory of coin and currency. You can make sure you have enough cash on hand, and that your deposits are processed securely and on-time with Cash Vault Services.
    • Fraud Protection: Consider adding fraud prevention tools and alerts to your account. You can customize account alerts under the “Account” tab on your online banking dashboard and add fraud prevention under the “Administration” tab.
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    Support Team

    Our team of experts are ready to help you navigate the upcoming days with experience and support you've come to expect. There are a variety of ways you can get the answers you need.

    For non-urgent needs, we ask that you:

    For urgent needs, we’re ready to assist you:

    For updates on COVID-19, visit the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO)