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Manage Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables tasks end-to-end with PayMaker.

Pay all of your bills in minutes

  • Receive or upload bills directly into a digital inbox
  • Customize digital approval processes for vendor payments
  • Send electronic payments to any vendor or digitally pay vendors by check

Get paid up to 2X faster

  • Customize and send electronic invoices to customers
  • View payment statuses and setup automated reminders
  • Choose how you get paid; by check, card, or directly to your bank account

PayMaker is separated into two unique plans to meet the payment needs of your growing business.

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How can PayMaker benefit your business?

Eliminate Manual Checks

As your bank, we'll print and mail checks on your behalf. We'll also help you convert check payments to ACH when appropriate.

File Documents Online

With unlimited data storage, keep all your bills, invoices and payment documents in a company digital filing cabinet.

Save Time

Save time with payment process automation so you can focus more on your business.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce manual error with automation and sync.

Gain More Control

Setup customized payment routing and approval workflows that fit your team.

Keep Everything in Sync

Sync your payments directly with your bank account and top accounting software tools.

Reduce Payment Fraud

Reduce the risk of fraud with built-in payment verification tools.

Fast, Exceptional Support

Click to chat or email a PayMaker expert 24/7.

Introducing IVA, your Intelligent Virtual Assistant, available with PayMaker Advanced.

With PayMaker Advanced, IVA will automatically capture and extract data from any type of invoice and start the bill creation process for you (vendor name, invoice number, invoice date, due date, and amount due).

Here's how IVA works:

  1. When you log in to PayMaker, you’ll see IVA has already scanned your incoming invoices.
  2. You will see a side-by-side comparison of the original invoice and the extracted data to verify the information is complete and accurate.
  3. Decide how and when you want to pay the invoice, or save it to review and schedule at a later time.

How does PayMaker simplify your Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables?

With PayMaker, you’ll be able to pay and get paid with speed, efficiency and security. PayMaker can scale to the needs of your business whether you simply want to make a quick payment, or if your payment process is more complex and involves multiple employees. Watch our short video on how PayMaker works to simplify your accounts payables and accounts receivables tasks end-to-end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cloud based solution is a cash flow management software that helps businesses save time and money on their accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. PayMaker works with leading accounting software Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, Intacct, and others to ensure there is no double entry when using PayMaker.

If your business processes bills or invoices, uses accounting software, and still uses paper-based methods to approve and pay bills, implementing PayMaker will create large efficiencies in your business.

PayMaker is a cloud based, online business payments solution that is specifically developed to work with industry leading accounting software, including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intacct, and NetSuite.

PayMaker picks up where your current accounting software leaves off: streamlining your accounts payable process and making electronic payments via ACH (or EFT), and improving your accounts receivable process to accept business payments through ACH or credit cards. The integration between PayMaker and your accounting software means any changes you make in one system will automatically update in the other. There is no double entry, and the two separate systems work in sync as one. All of these features lead to saving your business time and money, help you manage your cash flow, and help you get paid faster.

PayMaker can save you time in a variety of ways:

  1. Bookkeeping: By automating, digitizing and streamlining payment tasks, PayMaker customers experience over 50% reduction in bookkeeping hours within a couple months.
  2. Cash Flow: Speed payment approvals 2-3x faster than other methods, and get paid 2x faster with more payment options.
  3. Payment Management: PayMaker will email you every day with a digest of payment activity; which includes bills ready for review, documents we couldn’t process, and more.
  4. Office Hours: With the freedom to approve, pay and bookkeep from anywhere, PayMaker allows payment transactions to happen on-the-go, in real time, wherever you are.

With PayMaker, your business accounts payables and receivables are streamlined. PayMaker extracts information from documents in your PayMaker inbox and turns it into an invoice, ready for you to review, approve, and pay in 1 business day. It can also automatically process and prepare any uploaded, emailed or faxed invoices.

PayMaker is so much more than just Business Bill Pay. PayMaker addresses the needs of your entire business bill payment process, whereas Bill Pay fulfills just the payment itself. Compare the features of PayMaker and online Business Bill Pay.

PayMaker offers built in fraud protection and enables your business to incorporate payment controls, approval processes and audit capabilities. PayMaker allows employees involved in the payment process to collaborate digitally through one unified payments dashboard. Bring together employees, customers, and supplier network without having to share passwords or account information.

When making check payments within PayMaker, we’ll mask your signature, account number, routing number, and company information to protect your account from fraud. Using PayMaker for check payments will eliminate the need to upload positive pay files, print and mail checks, and manage check stock. Additionally, PayMaker will automatically convert many of your check payments to ACH without the need to share account information with your vendor or supplier!

We can help offload your manual check process with PayMaker. Simply enroll, add your vendors and contractors, and pay them by ACH or check directly in PayMaker. If you choose to pay by check in PayMaker, we will handle the printing and mailing for you.

PayMaker automates the Accounts Payable process, from end to end. You receive invoices from vendors or contractors via email, or scan and upload paper invoices to your digital inbox. From there, you simply create a new bill, enter a few quick details, and pay it via ACH. If your vendor or contractor prefers to receive paper checks, PayMaker will automatically print and mail those for you.

If bills over a certain amount require approval, you can add approvers to your account. They receive an automatic notification when a bill needs their attention, and they can review and approve the bill, from any device, with a click or a tap.

Need to share access to your account with others? No problem! PayMaker offers custom user roles (Administrator, Accountant, Clerk, Approver, Payer) to ensure a clear separation of duties and maximize the efficiency of your staff.

Once a payment is made, it’s automatically synced over to your accounting software. You save time on duplicate data entry, reduce the chance of manual entry errors, and always have up-to-date books.

The PayMaker business payments platform is cloud based. This enables any authenticated approver or payer in your system to access your company’s account from any location, as long as you have access to the internet. Not only can bills be approved with a click of a button, they can also be paid as well.

Our cloud based solution not only gives you access to our accounts payable product from any device during any time of day, you can use PayMaker to stay up to date with your outstanding invoices with our accounts receivable product as well. With a few taps on your favorite mobile device, you can check in on your invoices you have sent, send out payment reminders or overdue notices, or exchange notes with your customers.

No! We can sync your payment batches to PayMaker if you are using popular accounting software like QuickBooks. If your team uses an unsupported software we can still help by uploading a payment file into PayMaker from your accounting software.

Click here to learn more.

Businesses with multiple employees involved in the payments process are best fit for our PayMaker Advanced plan. With PayMaker Advanced, you can enroll one admin and multiple collaborators (approver users). This will enable your team to effectively enter bills, capture approvals, communicate changes, and execute check and electronic payments. Collaborators don’t even need access to your online banking account to fulfill tasks.

Click here to learn more.

PayMaker automates your accounts receivable process by digitizing the way our users go about paying you. PayMaker takes the accounts receivable process into the digital world for convenience and efficiency, and lets you accept ACH and credit card payments.

PayMaker also assists businesses with their recurring invoices, payment reminders, and overdue reminders. One of the most important features we provide is syncing received payments directly with your accounting software to eliminate any room for error.

Businesses leverage credit cards on a daily basis to get paid easier. However, because of various factors, businesses typically still use paper checks to pay other businesses. With PayMaker, those obstacles are lifted, and you can now offer the convenience of accepting credit cards to get paid faster.

Typically, a small business may not qualify for the most competitive credit card processing rate because of their size. However, by using PayMaker, your business can take advantage of level 3 processing rates for all credit card payments, which decreases the typical fees associated with accepting credit cards.

Good businesses focus on getting paid faster to manage their cash flow. One of the best ways to do that is to offer a variety of convenient payment methods. PayMaker offers electronic payments processing for ACH payments (or EFT payments) and credit cards.

Besides offering a payments processing platform, PayMaker offers many advantages to your business. The accounts payable automation solution provides an approval workflow to manage multiple invoice approvers in your company, and the accounts receivable automation product also provides recurring invoices and overdue notices. Our AP and AR solutions both sync to your accounting software to eliminate double data entry.

PayMaker has a robust reminder system. You can remind your customers on the fly or set up automated reminders to quickly and easily remind them to make a payment before or after the due date.

Yes! Within PayMaker Advanced, your customers can manage their electronic payment information and set up auto-pay withing your PayMaker payment portal.

Additionally, you can also setup and manage the auto pay set up on your side by setting up auto-charge in PayMaker for your clients.