Monitor & Forecast Cash Flows

With Centime’s cash flow forecasts, gain insight into what payments are coming in and going out in advance, making it easier for you to make better decisions for your business.

View Your Finances in One Holistic View

View the full financial picture for your business by viewing accounts across all financial institutions and monitor your balances in one dashboard.

Automatically Forecast Cash Flows

Centime’s forecasting application automatically creates a rolling 13-week cash flow forecast.

Model Cash Flow Scenarios Based on Future Plans

With Centime, you can build models that align with your objectives, adjust predictions and test scenarios to understand the potential impact on cash flow.

Automate & Manage Payables

Automate your accounts payable with Centime’s cash flow forecasts—identify who, when and how to pay to make the most of your cash resources.

Automate Payment Posting and Remittance Communications

Payments automatically post back to your General Ledger, together with emails sent to suppliers when payments are scheduled and executed, complete with detailed remittance information.

Increase Electronic Payments with Automated Supplier Enrollment

Integration with payment networks identifies card-accepting suppliers to help you increase electronic payment adoption with your vendors, maximizing capital and access to rebates.

Pay Anyone Using Any Payment Method

Simply decide who and when to pay, and select a payment method — check, ACH, your credit card or CentimeCard — and let Centime take care of the rest.

Mitigate Fraud

Authorize payments and mitigate both external and internal fraud risks through segregation of duties, dual approvals, audit trails and automated remittance communication.

Automate & Manage Receivables

An effective collections process begins with knowing who owes you, how much is owed, when you will get paid and how it will impact your cash flow.

Know When You Will Get Paid and Proactively Manage Collections

Identify customer behavior to confidently predict when you will be paid. Custom automated reminder campaigns sent to customers can help encourage timely payment and reduce the risk of write-offs.

Accept Online Payments and Apply Received Cash to Open Invoices

Make it easy for customers to pay you using ACH or credit card. You can also automatically cash to open receivables.

Visualize How Receivables Impact Cash Flow

Outstanding invoices are reflected back to your cash flow forecast in real time to help you assess the impact to your business.

Key Performance Indicators

Generate key performance indicators on accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash flow to improve decision-making — then analyze that data to reveal transformative insights.

Analyze Cash Flow Performance

Visualize your success and quickly identify trends with an overview of the key elements of the cash flow lifecycle: cash flow, payables and receivables.

Track Metrics Key to Cash Flow Control

Count on the KPIs used by top companies to benchmark your performance over multiple periods. Get closer to the unique set of numbers that drive your own business.

Compare and Contrast Previous Performance

Customize period comparisons to easily spot trends early and make adjustments to ensure continued success.

Access Working Capital

Quickly and securely determine the best credit solution for your business.

Increase Working Capital by Paying with Credit

Make the most of the credit available to you and leverage 20-50 additional days of working capital.

Access New Credit and Pay with CentimeCard

Quickly and simply gain access to a new line of credit, CentimeCard, a virtual card designed to pay card-accepting suppliers.

Make Secure Payments and Track Them Easily

Avoid sharing banking details by paying with virtual card and track payments along the way.

Centime is a cloud-based software that helps businesses control and manage their cash. 

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Cash Management with Centime

Cash is the lifeblood of your business but managing cash flow can be challenging. Now there is a better way. Centime takes all the elements that impact cash flow (accounts payables, accounts receivables, forecasting and access to working capital) and puts them into one solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Centime Cash Flow Control is a cloud-based software that integrates with your General Ledger and bank accounts. Centime features components that enable you to control and manage cash flow.

Centime works with growing small and mid-sized businesses, with 10 to 1,000 employees. Businesses who manage AP & AR, forecast (or aim to forecast) cash flow, and use either QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or Oracle NetSuite as their General Ledger application can benefit from Centime.

General Ledger applications primarily aid with accounting and bookkeeping, supporting basic bill pay, invoicing and payroll capabilities. By contrast, Centime helps businesses with working capital needs to predict cash flows and optimize liquidity.

Centime complements General Ledger applications by integrating directly with them and drawing on General Ledger data to help optimize cash flow.

A survey of prospective clients suggests that proper cash flow control and management is a best practice for every business. The best run businesses have processes in place to ensure that their cash flows meet goals and expectations –not only to ensure survival, but also to manage their stated cash goals and to support strategic growth-related investments.

Centime’s extensive market research and client interviews indicate that while many businesses understand the need to control cash flows, they do so sporadically. Managing cash flows becomes a priority at crisis points, and it is inconsistently resolved with inefficient manual processes. Centime provides a comprehensive solution to automate cash flow forecasting and provides credit and non-credit solutions to close liquidity gaps.

The General Ledger is the source of data for Centime Cash Flow Control which features several modules, allowing the user management of a key component of the cash flow control lifecycle (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Flow Forecasting, KPIs).

Centime has been integrated with and supports QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and Oracle NetSuite. These are broad market General Ledger applications with a large installed base in our initial market (clients with between 10 and 1,000 employees).

Over time, Centime will integrate with other General Ledger applications, including solutions that target specific market verticals.

You cannot use Centime Cash Flow Control until it is integrated with a supported General Ledger application.

Centime will fetch accounts receivable and accounts payable information from your General Ledger application.

Currently, Centime does not post data back to your General Ledger. In the future, any payment transactions performed via Centime will be posted back to your General Ledger.

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