Staying True℠

For over 165 years, our goal at First National Bank of Omaha has been to stay true to the needs of the customers, employees and communities we proudly serve. As a bank, we have the ability and responsibility to help improve every facet of our communities. In 2017, we reinvested more than $26 million in the communities we serve. Our vision is to have successful communities in all the places we operate.

Taking deposits and making loans places First National Bank within a virtuous cycle of community success that provides impact at every level. When you trust us with your deposits, you enable us to make loans. We become a catalyst to make things happen that may not happen otherwise, which contribute to the strength of the local economy. As this cycle continuously repeats, it keeps a community strong and allows us to stay true to our noble mission, reinvesting in our customers and the communities we serve.

Here are four reasons you can feel good about banking with us:

  • You are helping to build our local economy. Unlike some banks that take deposits in one state and lend in others, we invest in the communities where you live and work, helping local businesses and individuals thrive.
  • You support business growth. We bank businesses of all sizes in your community with a full array of financial services.
  • You support local lending. Your deposits help fund business loans and home mortgages in your community.
  • You contribute to our community. Banking with us funds our community investment, and we believe the success of our communities is directly tied to that investment.