Holistic Payment Solutions

Commercial payments are more complex than ever before. Which is why having a team of experts—a group that has solved similar problems before— can help eliminate pain points and transform your cash management into a bottom-line enhancing machine. For all the services and technology you expect, plus all the insight that goes above and beyond, we’re ready to build a relationship that creates value for you.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable plays a central role in business operations and has a direct impact on cash flow management, fraud prevention, and vendor relationships across your company. The right payment solution could mean more time spent working on the next big initiative, instead of time-consuming manual processes.

  • Wire Transfers: Transfer funds electronically to domestic and international vendors
  • ACH Payables: Pay employees and vendors electronically.
  • International Payables: Foreign check processing and document collection.
  • Payables Automation: Let signing stacks of checks and tracking down payments be a thing of the past.
  • Centime: Automate and streamline accounts payable with Centime.
  • PayMaker: Connect your business to new world of payment innovation.
  • Commercial Card: Customized card solutions to support your payment needs.
  • Business Connect: Manage your business payments and access advanced reporting in an easy-to-use interface with Business Connect.

Accounts Receivable

Collect payments more efficiently in a variety of ways so you can get paid faster with less fraud. At FNBO, we offer a variety of accounts receivable solutions that allow you to focus on your business and not your receivables.

  • Centime: Automate and streamline accounts payable with Centime.
  • PayMaker: Connect your business to new world of payment innovation.
  • Lockbox: We’ll collect payments and have them transported directly to the bank.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Deposit checks to your account wherever you are.
  • ACH Receivables: Receive payments electronically and reduce expenses.

Fraud Protection

Defend your business against ongoing treats with FNBO fraud protection tools. At FNBO, we take your financial protection seriously and strive to bring you the knowledge, the services and the solutions needed to secure your company assets.

  • Check positive pay. A list of written checks is submitted daily to financial institutions that match each presented check against provided information (checking number, account number, issue date, dollar amount). Checks that don’t match are declined.
  • ACH positive pay. An authorized list of trading partners and associated transactions is used to match ACH requests before the transaction is authorized. You’re notified of declined, unmatched requests.
  • Dual control. All financial transactions require the approval of two business stakeholders before they are released by FNBO.

Accounts Payable

Maximize Your Bottom Line.

You work hard to ensure that your business is generating a positive cash flow. Why not maximize your excess cash so that it continues to build your company’s bottom line?

We offer a full range of solutions that can help you take control over your account balances and boost your earnings. With informative reporting that allows daily management of your activity and cash concentrations, you can stay on top of your short term balances and reward yourself with competitive rates and enhanced investment opportunities.

  • Sweeps and Insured Cash Sweeps
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Capital Markets

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