Whether you’re looking to open an operating account for daily expenses, grow your cash with competitive interest rates, or insure deposits over $250K, contact your FNBO banking partner to find the solution best for your business.

Analyzed Checking

  • Provides greater insight into cashflow and transactions
  • Earn credit allowances to support growth
  • Access to FNBO’s Treasury Management services

Money Market

  • No minimum daily balance or monthly maintenance fee
  • Unlimited withdrawals per month
  • Check writing privileges

Business CDs

  • Minimum deposit of $500
  • Automatic CD renewal1
  • Option to withdraw funds at maturity

Analyzed checking, Business Money Market, and Business CDs are backed by FNBO’s $250,000 FDIC insurance

Insure and grow your funds with an Insured Cash Sweep or CDARs

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

With IntraFi Cash Services (ICS) 3, you can benefit from the safety and simplicity that comes with access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance for deposits over $250,000 through a single bank relationship.

How does ICS work?

FNBO, like other institutions that offer ICS, are members of the IntraFi network. When we place your deposit through ICS, that deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000. The amounts are then placed into deposit accounts at multiple FDIC-insured banks. As a result, you can access FDIC coverage from many institutions while working directly with FNBO. Receive one statement from our bank and access key details about your accounts online, 24/7.

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)

By leveraging CDARS®, you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on Certificates of Deposits (CDs) over $250,000 with timed maturity dates.

How does CDARS® work?

Institutions that offer CDARS® are members of the IntraFi network. When a member institution places your deposit through CDARS®, that deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000. The funds are then placed into deposit accounts at other network banks. As a result, you can access FDIC coverage from many institutions while working directly with just FNBO. Receive one statement from our bank detailing all your CDARS placements and maturity dates.

Why choose FNBO?

FNBO is the great big, small bank...
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With over 165 years of banking with integrity, you can trust the stability and reputation of our strong capital position. 

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FNBO is a member of FDIC which means all deposits are insured by FDIC up to $250,000. If you are looking to insure deposits over $250,000, consider an ICD or CDARS product.

A Business CD comes with a competitive interest rate and includes insurance for your deposits up to the FDIC limit of $250,000. For businesses looking to protect funds over $250,000, CDARS provides that protection, while still earning interest.

No! With ICS and CDARS, we distribute funds through the IntraFi network to place them among other FDIC insured banks on your behalf, so you have visibility to all your funds through a  relationship with FNBO.

Yes, you maintain access to funds in your ICS account into demand deposit accounts or money market deposit accounts. Funds are not automatically accessible.

Customers with an Analyzed Checking account have access to our suite of treasury products.  The Analyzed Checking account also give customers the option to offset the cost of treasury services through an earnings credit or earn interest on the balances in the account. 

A Guide to Your Checking Account (PDF)

A Guide to Your Money Market Account (PDF)

View Deposit Agreement (PDF)

CD accounts will automatically renew at maturity. You will have 10 calendar days after the maturity date to withdraw funds without penalty. This account will not renew if you withdraw the funds on the maturity date or if we receive written notice from you on or before the maturity date of your intention not to renew.

You will be notified at maturity; a penalty may be assessed for early withdrawal.

When deposited funds are exchanged on a dollar-for-dollar basis with other institutions that use ICS, our bank can use the full amount of a deposit placed through ICS for local lending, satisfying some depositors’ local investment goals or mandates. Alternatively, with a depositor's consent, our bank may choose to receive fee income instead of deposits from other participating institutions. Under these circumstances, deposited funds would not be available for local lending. Deposit placement through CDARS or ICS is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in applicable agreements. Although deposits are placed in increments that do not exceed the FDIC standard maximum deposit insurance amount (“SMDIA”) at any one destination bank, a depositor’s balances at the institution that places deposits may exceed the SMDIA (e.g., before settlement for deposits or after settlement for withdrawals) or be uninsured (if the placing institution is not an insured bank). The depositor must make any necessary arrangements to protect such balances consistent with applicable law and must determine whether placement through CDARS or ICS satisfies any restrictions on its deposits. A list identifying IntraFi network banks appears at https://www.intrafi.com/network-banks. The depositor may exclude banks from eligibility to receive its funds.