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Trading in the global marketplace is more accessible than ever and finding a banking partner who will take the time to understand your goals is the first step. Whether you’re currently importing or exporting or looking to take your business international for the first time, our team of global trade experts are eager to be an extension of your business. Navigate the global finance scene with confidence.

Foreign Transactions

Whether you’re facilitating a single payment abroad or multiple payments to a multitude of countries, FNBO’s global reach ensures reliable, timely movement of funds. As a participant of SWIFT, we’re part of a premier international banking network with expertise across all continents.

Foreign Exchange
Both online and through your global banking representative, we offer trade solutions wherever you do business and can facilitate any standard spot and forward contract transactions. Gain speed and accuracy on your FX transactions in more than 90 currencies across more than 65 countries by leveraging our FX solutions. 

Foreign Cash Letter and Foreign Check Collections
Checks from a foreign institution can be cleared using our foreign cash letter or check collection process, and you can even receive same day credit for funds received. Seamlessly process foreign check collection items,  minimize clearing times, and reduce risk by leveraging our correspondent network and SWIFT.

Cross-Border Payments
Improve the speed, efficiency and transparency of cross-border payments with our international payment system FX Online, and SWIFT gpi.

International Trade

Whether you are exporting standardized or specialized goods, we can help you navigate your payment and financing options. FNBO's close relationships with Export Import Bank (EXIM), the Small Business Administration (SBA) and other agencies help give you a competitive advantage. Your relationship with FNBO will add strength to your proposals and assure risk mitigation as an exporter.

Import Letters of Credit
We can substitute our credit for yours in cases of transactions, imports, and exports. Reduce your risk and delay payment until you receive documentation of shipment by the seller. Improve your company's cash flow by eliminating the need to make advance payments or deposits, ensure shipment was made on time and confirm necessary documents have been presented.

Export Letters of Credit
By relying on a bank's creditworthiness rather than the buyer's, you will dramatically decrease your financial risk. A letter of credit is a guarantee that you will be paid upon shipment and the presentation of complying documents.

Standby Letter of Credit
Enhance your ability to work with critical business partners by using a standby letter of credit.  A Standby Letter of Credit (SLOC) will guarantee FNBO’s commitment of payment to a seller in the event that the buyer or client defaults on the agreement.

Documentary Collection
Documentary collections allow you to delay payments until the arrival of goods have been received and reduces the risk of selling on an open account. Documents flow through FNBO and your customer’s bank showing that delivery has occurred, then, FNBO will help facilitate the payment.

Global Risk Solutions

Exposure to Foreign Exchange (FX) can adversely impact your business in a variety of ways, including hidden risks that are often not detected until it’s too late.  By leveraging FNBO’s global banking risk solutions, your business can better manage international cash flow while reducing the risk of currency value fluctuations. We work in a collaborative effort with your company to manage risk and establish a proactive plan.

Forward Contracts
Eliminate the risk of exchange rate volatility by purchasing or selling foreign currency at a fixed rate of exchange.

Forward contracts enable you to purchase or sell foreign currency at a fixed rate of exchange for delivery at a pre-determined future date. Forward contracts help eliminate the risk associated with exchange rates for the duration of the contract.

Multi-Currency Accounts
Reduce risks associated with currency fluctuations with multi-currency accounts. Available in various currencies, multi-currency accounts allow you access to an account denominated in a foreign currency. 

Specialized Global Banking Solutions


Our team of experts understand the complexities of the agribusiness industry and can help you navigate your international business and transactions needs with ease.


The transportation industry is unique. We’ll stay focused on your global business so you can stay focused on the road.

Financial Institution

Enhance your institution and client service offerings with comprehensive global solutions, such as online payments, incoming foreign wires, and foreign check processing.

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