The Journey is Yours.

Career development is different for everyone, and we know that all employees who join us will take different turns along their career journeys. We work with our emerging talent to build skills and craft experiences so they are well-positioned in their current roles and prepared for future roles across our organization. We take developing talent seriously; consider us your guide along your unique journey! Explore opportunities designed just for emerging talent.

Internship Opportunities

Participants in First National’s internship program experience a comprehensive process that prepares them for a rich career in financial services. Interns perform challenging tasks that make an impact on our customers and on the organization, under the supervision of business unit managers. We provide a variety of training opportunities to help build interns’ skills throughout this process, which concludes with their delivery of a Capstone Presentation in which they articulate what they have learned. Throughout the internship, First National provides professional coaching and guidance, networking with other interns and emerging professionals and, in many cases, we support the intern with job placement support at the conclusion of the process.

"After working as an intern for two years, I was hired as an Operations Analyst, and I am still just as amazed by the unique working culture here as when I started. People genuinely want to help one another, and I always try to return that whenever I can."

Lindsay Korf

Management Trainee Program 

Are you a college graduate or upcoming graduate that is looking to start a career in the financial services industry? Do you want to learn about business while getting practical work experience and personalized career guidance? Then you should look into our Management Trainee Program. 

Started in 1961, this program has been grooming the future leaders of our organization for more than five decades. Lasting anywhere from nine to twelve months, it is an opportunity to experience many different divisions in the Bank, from Retail to Commercial to First Bankcard. As a trainee, you will spend time exploring First National, the culture and people including networking with managers and executive leadership to find the right role for you upon completion of the program.

If you are looking for an organization that allows you to explore your strengths while contributing to the growth of a multi-billion dollar company, I invite you to apply.

Tonya Kaminski
Vice President, Talent Management

Recruiting Timeframe

Recruiting for the program occurs in the fall months. Fall recruits who join the program will begin in June the following year.

Key program components:

  • Rotations through key business units throughout the Bank
  • Overview of Bank products and services, while exploring your career interests
  • Project management throughout the organization
  • Professional development
  • Career guidance
  • Community involvement


  • Bachelors Degree
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Previous project participation or management experience, including planning, coordination and development.

"The Management Trainee Program was an excellent opportunity to learn from leaders throughout our organization and gain understanding for how First National works. When I started at the bank, I was in awe of how much First National cared for its employees and customers. Five years later, that awe has yet to dim."

Juli Wians

"First National and I share the same value—community first. I chose to work here because I wanted to give back to the community where all my dreams came true."

Abdoul Traore


Executive Development Associate Program

Do you hold your Master's Degree and have 3-5 years of work experience? Apply to be a part of this top performing and academically excellent group who will learn the foundation of the organization, experience a dynamic and rigorous development program and will put new ideas into action. This 9-12 month comprehensive program is designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders and thought partners.


Recruiting for the program occurs in the fall months. Fall recruits who join the program will begin in June the following year.

Key program components:

  • Professional Development. Hands on professional development and mentoring will help you enhance your core strategic leadership skills, and strategic planning and execution abilities. Gain a comprehensive understanding of First National's business and an overview of the banking industry that will provide a solid foundation for a high-impact career.
  • Learn the Business. Interview executive leadership and managers, to gain a working knowledge of the business, products and services and the strategic initiatives.
  • Project Management. Add value through project leadership on top initiatives and executive sponsored projects.
  • Community Impact. Want a front-row seat at some of the community activities that First National Bank supports? Get hands-on experience and learn to be a community and company ambassador to make the communities in which we serve great. Help us be “First in the Community!

"The EDA Program is unique for the opportunity it provides to those, even without a banking background, who are willing to continue to learn and grow. I have been given the opportunity to take on many different challenges, move around within the company, and build relationships with peers and leaders across the bank."

Avi Atholi