What Institutional Asset Management Team Can Do For You

Our long-standing experience is a testament to our customer dedication. We’ve partnered with hundreds of institutional clients, foundations, and endowments, constructing tailored solutions and providing ongoing support to manage investment decisions.

Experienced Partners

When you’re trusting your long-term financial outlook to someone, it’s important that they take it as seriously as you do. We offer our experienced guidance and knowledge to build customized investment strategies designed to help you pursue your goals.

Whether your focus is capital appreciation, income generation, preserving capital, or all the above, our focus is to create custom portfolios tailored to your objectives.

You’ll receive the full breadth of our institutional asset management experience, supported by multiple Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders and backed by extensive expertise in:

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) development and maintenance
  • Establishing spending policies, cash flow analysis, and asset allocation
  • Fiduciary obligations
  • Customized investment portfolios
  • Board and/or investment committee meetings

Relationship Management

Experienced Guidance Within Your Reach

Where asset management is concerned, we realize our greatest professional success when your goals are achieved. That’s why we’re more than an experienced group of professionals. We’re your partners.

We work with you to understand your objectives and tailor investment portfolios around those objectives, while offering ongoing guidance over time.

From the initial development of the investment policy statement (IPS), through asset allocation, portfolio management, and even updating the IPS, we strive to meet your objectives, and take a client-first approach to building long-standing relationships.

Client Portfolio Management

Strategies Tailored to Your Goals

When it comes to investment management, we stand committed to serving the needs of our clients by combining the dedication and experience of a large investment firm with local service and support. We act as your partner and your advisor by instituting a step-by-step process focused on long-term financial stability and growth.

First, we discuss your goals, learn about your values, mission, and long-term outlook to develop a portfolio tailored to your objectives.

Next, we conduct rigorous analysis of market conditions before creating and implementing recommendations designed around your goals and risk tolerance. This includes allocating assets across a variety of asset classes.

Last, we set target weightings based on the long-term valuations of each asset class and our experienced assessment of market conditions. Our goal is to create balanced portfolios that seek to deliver strong returns over time.

Institutional Fixed Income

Address the Future and the Present with One Strategy

Our fixed income portfolios seek to provide income while preserving capital for future needs. These include a range of various fixed-income securities and other debt obligations.

Our goal is to develop lower-risk portfolios that seek to provide a steady income stream without compromising capital investments.

Multi-Cap Equities

Focus on Growth

Our Multi-Cap Equity team focuses on delivering premium returns while minimizing risk. We prioritize investment in organizations that indicate an improving profit outlook, when compared to industry peers, to try to deliver higher returns with long-term capital appreciation.

Our dedicated team is founded on the principles of client success and building long-term relationships that continue to offer value over time. Clients in this segment are provided with dedicated local service with the experience and capabilities of a large financial institution:

  • Multiple Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders
  • Accessible, local portfolio managers
  • High ethical and professional standards
  • Comprehensive investment knowledge

As with all of our Institutional Asset Management teams, our Multi-Cap Equity professionals tailor portfolios to the objectives of each client, taking a disciplined approach to diversifying assets in the pursuit of strong returns.

This information is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or recommendations.  We are not a fiduciary by providing the material or content herein.  Investments or strategies mentioned may not be appropriate for all investors.  We assume no duty to update this web page, or any information contained herein.  We are not liable for any loss or damages arising from any action or investment decision based on information contained herein. 

Equities:  Equity security holders may receive less than their original investment.  The value of equity securities may fluctuate due to market, sector, economic volatility, or actions of the issuer.

Fixed Income Securities:  Fixed income securities, including bonds, are subject to risk.  Fixed income securities carry interest rate risk, as well as inflation, liquidity, call, credit, and default risk.  Fixed income securities sold or redeemed prior to maturity may be subject to loss. 

Alternatives:  Alternative investments may be subject to less regulation than other investments.  They also may involve significant fees and utilize leverage or other speculative practices which may present a high degree of risk, including the loss of the amount invested.

Asset- and Mortgage-Backed Securities:  Asset-backed securities are backed by pools of assets, such as loans or other receivables which may be unsecured.  Asset-backed securities may be prepaid at any time, which may reduce their yield or market value.  Mortgage-backed securities are subject to many of the same risks as asset-backed securities except that the underlying loans or receivables will often be secured by real property. 


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