Fraud monitoring solutions and protection for your business.

Monitor ongoing threats with fraud protection tools from FNBO. As a business, we take your financial protection seriously and strive to bring you the knowledge, services and solutions needed to secure your company assets.

Check Positive Pay Equiped With Payee Name Verification

Protect your business against forged, altered, and counterfeit checks. With Check Positive Pay, we’ll match the check number, issue date, dollar amount, account number and payee information, when applicable, for each check presented for payment against a list provided by your company. If a check doesn’t match, we’ll notify you and withhold any payment until you advise FNBO to accept or reject the check.

With Check Positive Pay protection, money will not be withdrawn from your account until you tell us it’s okay to do so for apprehensive checks. In addition, our Account Reconciliation Service can assist with timely reconciliation of your accounts and can added as an additional layer of protection in detecting fraud.

ACH Positive Pay

Monitor and control your business’ ACH debits and credits online. With ACH Positive Pay, you’ll have the power to accept or reject items before they post to your account. You can also pre-approve ACH transactions and receive notifications on the status of your accounts.

With instant online access to ACH Positive Pay from anywhere, you’ll be able to monitor and mitigate potential ACH fraud quickly at any time.

  • Create roles and permissions for select users
  • Produce rules and setup alerts to be notified of potential fraud
  • Setup filters for your vendors
  • Prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account with ACH transaction blocks

Reverse Positive Pay

Protect your business from check fraud with Reverse Positive Pay.

Reverse Positive Pay allows your business to detect and stop fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks from posting to your account. With Reverse Positive Pay, you’ll be able to review all prior day checks that have been presented to your account for payment.

Each business day, you’ll have the opportunity to review daily check items provided by FNBO to determine if any check items should be returned or paid. If any of the presented checks do not match the check that you issued, you can investigate by viewing an image of the check.

Check Block

Check Block can help reduce payment fraud by restricting all payment activity to digital payments and online only. By limiting paper checks and restricting your business to only accept electronic transactions, you’ll help reduce the risk of highly fraudulent paper transactions.

Eliminate the risk of check fraud by restricting your FNBO checking account to electronic activity. With Check Block, all paper-based transactions are automatically rejected and returned, which prevents all checks from posting to your account. ACH and internal transfers and transactions will still post successfully.