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UNK Debit Cards

Welcome UNK Students!

Being in school can be a lot to manage, your checking account shouldn’t be one of those. With an FNBO Free Checking account you can bank when you want, where you want. Start the conversation today on opening a new account.

  • Select one of our Free Visa® UNK Debit Cards
  • No Overdraft fees
  • No minimum deposit to get started
  • No monthly minimum balance requirement


Whether you are on campus, back home or just on the go, we’re with you wherever you go. Enjoy these digital tools and more to help manage your finances.

  • Whether you are on campus, back home or just on the go, we’re with you wherever you go. Enjoy these digital tools and more to help manage your finances.
  • Mobile App
  • Zelle®- A fast and easy way to send and receive money
  • Contactless Cards
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Text alerts to manage your spending
    • ATM located in the Student Union on Campus

Safety, convenience, reliability: All things a parent tries to offer to their child as they go off to college. FNBO can help with all those things on your kid’s financial journey. 

Free Checking with FNBO really is free!

  • Our Free Checking accounts are truly free. No minimum deposit to open. No monthly minimum balances. No overdraft fees. No ATM fees from more than 55,000 ATMs in our network (other banks & ATM operators surcharges may apply). Dozens of Free Visa® Debit Cards to choose from, including a UNK Visa® Debit Card. 
    • Enjoy all of our digital tools to help you and your student connect and stay up to date on your accounts with FNBO.
      • Mobile App
      • Zelle®- A fast and easy way to send and receive money
      • Mobile Deposit
      • Real time text alerts to help prevent fraud
      • Account alerts to monitor and manage your account
Branch staff

About FNBO

First National Bank of Omaha, FNBO, is proud to be an Official Bank of UNK Athletics. As a longtime member of the Kearney Community, FNBO is dedicated to the success of UNK Students, Faculty and Staff. On Campus you can find FNBO in many locations- ATM in the Student Union, at student events, and cheering on the Lopers at every sporting event! Headquartered in Omaha, NE, FNBO has nearly 100 branches throughout Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Texas and Wyoming and access to 55,000 ATMs worldwide. FNBO is a sixth-generation, family-owned business with more than 165 years of independent banking experience. We’re the great big small bank - pairing big bank stability and strength with a focus on always doing what’s right for the customers and communities we serve. We hope you’ll stop by our branch at 2223 2nd Ave in Kearney and talk to our team of UNK Alumni and fans about all your financial needs.

Introducing the Dollar Belles

Is avocado toast really going to bankrupt you? How can you even THINK about a budget with student loans, cell phone, a car payment, AND finding a place with decent rent? Does your credit score really matter, or is it a made-up number like the one the cable company gives you when you book an appointment?

These are the questions we’re here to answer. Introducing First National Bank of Omaha’s Dollar Belles — three financially-focused ladies here to spill the tea on all things cash-related in your life, from checking to savings to credit and all things money that may be on your mind.

Great, big, small — we’re the bank that has your back.

With 55,000 ATMs in our network, one is near you.

The payment of transactions into overdraft is discretionary and we reserve the right to not pay. Generally, we do not pay overdrafts if you are not making regular deposits, or you have excessive overdrafts, or based on your account history and how you maintain your account. We may change your overdraft privileges due to poor account management.

We may pay overdrafts for checks and other transactions using your account number and for automatic bill payments (ACH and recurring debit transactions), and if you give us permission, we may authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM transactions and everyday non-recurring debit transactions (individual debit card purchases such as grocery store or one-time online purchases). Our expectation is you bring your account to a positive balance immediately (including payment of all bank fees and charges).

Terms and conditions apply. The Zelle® related marks are used under license from Early Warning Services, LLC.