Saving Money

Are there things you would like to buy now, but don't have the money for? How could you come up with the money you need? One option is not spending the money you earn now, so you can put it toward something more valuable in the future.  That's called saving!

But don't just save, be a SMART saver by setting SMART goals.
Specific - What do you want to save for?
Measurable - When will you meet your goal?
Attainable - Can you really achieve your goal?
Relevant - Why is this goal important to you?
Timely - How much time do you need to accomplish the goal?

Make your own savings plan on page 6 of the Saving First workbook (download below).

Spending Money

How do you spend your money?

Needs: Things you must have to survive.
For example: food to keep you alive, shelter to protect you and clothing to keep you warm.

Wants: Things you would like to have, but don't need to survive.
For example: candy, soda and video games.

To practice making decisions about how to spend your money, go to page 4 of the Saving First workbook (download below).

Learn More

Watch our Saving First video and download our Saving First workbook to learn more important lessons about saving and spending.