Empower your clients.

Help your clients say "yes" to the professional services they need by offering flexible financing options. Slice® by FNBO solutions are designed to fit your business. We provide a seamless application and payment process that will enhance your customer experience and your business potential.

Become a Slice® by FNBO partner.

More flexibility for your customers. And more options for you.

Give your customers the affordable, budget-friendly financing they need to say "yes" and your team the simple online tools to sell and manage the business.

What Our Partners Are Saying

"We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of our partnership with FNBO, which has been a game-changer for our Lending Platform. Since incorporating FNBO's innovative Slice platform, we've seen a remarkable 30% increase in our conversion rates in Q3 2023 compared to our other partner, a testament to the enhanced customer purchasing experience brought about by FNBO's more favorable interest rates. This significant improvement in customer satisfaction has not only benefited our existing user base but also played a crucial role in attracting larger merchants, leveraging the respected FNBO name. Our partnership with SLICE has set a new standard in our services, demonstrating the power of strategic partnerships in driving growth and customer satisfaction."

Andria Sullivan Chief Experience Officer, United Credit