Business Online Banking FAQs

To enroll for online access, simply fill out the online enrollment form. We require an authorized representative/signer to authorize the enrollment of each company administrator. Once enrolled, this person can then set up additional users as needed.

All of your business banking accounts can be enrolled online as long as the enrollment is authorized by a signer on each of those accounts. These are all the different types of banking accounts that you can enroll online:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Lines of Credit
  • Loans
  • IRAs

All of your banking companies can be enrolled online. You will, however, be required to furnish corresponding authorized representative/signer signatures for each of the companies requested.

You can enroll your company's business credit card account and at that time, you can also enroll the individual cardholder's accounts, belonging to the company. You will need your company's unique Tax ID to enroll.

An authorized representative/signer for each company being enrolled online will have to sign the authorization for that company. This is true for enrolling banking and/or credit card companies.

Once you complete and submit the online enrollment form, our Online Representatives will process the enrollment for you. You will receive a response from us (via the preferred method of notification you chose) in two to three business days to let you know the enrollment is complete, or if we need any additional information. When you are notified of your completed enrollment, you may start using online account access!

For security reasons, each online user is required to have a unique User ID and Password.

  • Dashboard - Customized view of all your frequently used accounts with quick links to commonly performed banking services
  • Account Detail - Check account balances, review transactions, view check images and download account activity in a variety of formats
  • Statements - View Account and Tax information online
  • Transfers - Transfer funds between your bank accounts
  • Transaction Search - Search multiple criteria for transactions and checks
  • Alerts - Receive a variety of email updates on the status of your bank accounts and customize alert settings to the thresholds that are right for your business
  • Stop Payments - Easily place, cancel and renew Stop Payments on checks
  • Manage Users - Control online user access by accounts, tasks, and levels of authority
  • Commercial Card - View business credit card information and make payments
  • Flexibility - As your business needs grows, so can your online services. Additional services are available for Bill Payment, ACH, Wire Transfers, Remote Deposit Capture, and much more!

Your Account Detail provides you with the most current balance available, including any recent transactions/purchases. Keep in mind that a transaction cannot be viewed until it has actually posted to your account.

It's free! Once you enroll, you'll have 24-hour access to your business banking and business credit card accounts at no cost.