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Every business grapples with cashflow.

Cash flow matters. Gain control with Centime.

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Centime is a cloud-based software that helps small and mid-size businesses control and manage their cashflow through a variety of lenses.

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Monitor, forecast and plan. Manage inflows. Manage Outflows. Counterparty risk. Manage credit and liquidity.

Empower your business to control and manage cash flow.

Forecast cash flows
Forecasts are foundational to cash flow decisions. Use Centime's rolling forecast to prioritize collections, payables and draws on credit. Centime couples historical transactions with proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to create up-to-date forecasts.

Get paid faster
Late payments affect cash flow and your business. Centime uses machine learning to predict invoice payment delays and ensure accurate forecasting. Identify and nudge late-paying customers; use an integrated merchant account to control when you get paid.

Pay smarter
Optimizing when and how to pay bills is a balance between meeting your cash-on-hand goals and supplier terms. Time your AP decisions with the cash flow forecast as a guide. Immediately see the impact on cash when you decide which suppliers to pay, when and how to pay.

Unlock credit
Forecasting might indicate short-term liquidity gaps. Bridge these with instant access to cost-effective credit. Use your own credit card to pay any supplier, the integrated Centime credit card or tap into a short-term line with CentimeCredit.

Uncover risk
You extend payment terms to your customers, are they credit worthy? How long should the terms be? Use Centime to gain a comprehensive understanding of both customer and supplier risk across the dimensions of credit, compliance, and reputational risk.

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Our product and customer success teams will train you and your staff on Centime’s features and functions.

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You’ll receive ongoing support and additional training, as needed. Our experts are always eager to answer your questions.

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Your feedback is important and will help us make meaningful product improvements to Centime.

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