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Values beyond the bottom line

We are so much more than just a bank.

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Help us make an impact in banking.

First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) believes that a bank should be a force for good in the world; to positively influence the lives of our employees, customers and the success of the communities we serve.  Whether you're just beginning your career or taking it to the next level, you'll find your fit here.

We take pride in 160+ years of being family owned.

This means outside shareholders have zero influence on how we conduct business, and we decide the metrics of our success. Doing the right thing shouldn't be driven by quarterly earnings, and at FNBO, it never is.

We believe excellence and balance still have a home.

We are a high-performing institution and are competitive on every level. That being said, we believe career excellence shouldn't outweigh everything else. We embrace work-life balance. Every area of life enriches the other, and well-rounded co-workers always bring better ideas to the table.

We believe you can change careers without changing companies.

We're unique in that our workforce has a lot of internal mobility. There is always room to grow and develop. If you want to change the direction of your career but love FNBO, it's possible right here!

We believe in giving back.

Since 2016, we have reinvested $132 million and 137,500 volunteer hours into organizations, programs and initiatives throughout the communities we serve. Why? Because organizations should look beyond themselves and embrace a larger role in the world.

A note from the President

"In 40 years, what will matter is, are we proud of what we did? Are we proud of who we served and how we did it? And can we look back and say we made the world a better place because we existed? It's inspiring."

- Clark Lauritzen, Chairman and President, First National Bank