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International Banking

Build an international strategy that sets your business up for success.

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The world of international finance offers many opportunities to those who are prepared for the challenges.

Our Global Banking team combines knowledge of the field, intuitive technology and a consultative approach to bring you simple, cost-effective solutions for navigating the global finance scene with confidence.

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International Transactions

Whether it’s facilitating a single transfer abroad or payments to thousands of different beneficiaries across a multitude of countries, First National Bank’s global reach ensures reliable and timely movement of funds. As a participating institution of SWIFT, we’re part of a global banking community that places a premium on having an exhaustive network of premier bank partners with expertise across all continents.


  • Foreign Exchange – Both online and through your global banking representative, we offer speed and accuracy in transferring more than 90 currencies.
  • Foreign Cash Letter and Foreign Check Collections – We will seamlessly process foreign check collection items and minimize clearing time, while giving you same day credit for funds received.
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Risk Solutions

Exposure to Foreign Exchange (FX) can adversely impact your business in a variety of ways, including hidden risks that are often not detected until it’s too late.  By using risk solution services, your business can better manage international cash flow while reducing the risk of currency value fluctuations.

We work in a collaborative effort with your company to manage risk and establish a proactive plan with five simple steps.

  1. Determine all potential adverse FX sources
  2. Prioritize exposure based on adverse impact potential
  3. Consider accounting and capital structure 
  4. Recommend hedge instruments and techniques
  5. Evaluate hedging programs and their effectiveness


  • Forward Contracts – Eliminate the risk of exchange rate volatility by purchasing or selling foreign currency at a fixed rate of exchange.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts – Manage international cash flow while reducing your foreign exchange conversion costs by netting both payables and receivables.
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International Trade

Whether you are exporting standardized or specialized goods, we can help you navigate your payment and financing options.  Our close relationship with EXIM Bank, SBA and other agencies give you a competitive advantage when planning your global strategy.  Add strength to your proposals and assure risk mitigation for the exporter by talking to a Global Banking team member today.


  • Letters of Credit – We can substitute our credit for yours in cases of transactions, imports and exports.
  • Documentary Collection – Delay payment until the arrival of goods instead of selling on open account.
  • Trade Finance Solutions – Take advantage of your relationship with us and our relationships with U.S Export Import Bank, U.S. Small Business Administration and other agencies to add strength to proposals and mitigate risk as an exporter.
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Financial Institutions

Our Global Banking program provides financial institutions of all sizes with solutions catering to your customer’s specific needs. These solutions provide opportunities to increase revenue, grow business and improve operational efficiencies. We provide tailored solutions for processing international payments through an online private label portal, foreign cash letters, hedging solutions, as well as comprehensive International Trade solutions.

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"Throughout our company’s recent growth and plant expansion we’ve relied on First National Bank for its depth of services and ongoing financial support. Most importantly, the team at First National Bank is supportive of what we’re trying to do."

- Norm Krug, CEO

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