Erin Barton

Director, Commercial Payments Advisor
Commercial Payments

Erin Barton

As a Payment Advisor at FNBO, optimizing business payment solutions is what Erin’s work is all about. Focused on boosting an organization’s performance, she works with her clients individually to maximize efficiencies across day-to-day cash management operations. This includes identifying the best payment technology and solutions for each company, based on the organization’s own parameters and pain points. Erin works diligently with her customers to optimize payment solutions, ultimately leading to increased business productivity, cost savings, and a better bottom line.


Erin’s career history within banking is extensive, extending back to when she was 16 years old and took her first job position as a drive-through bank teller. Building on her love for the banking industry and helping customers achieve financial success, she worked her way through various roles in retail banking, as well as positions in private banking and commercial lending. Before moving to her current position, Erin spent several years in treasury management, working as both a Treasury Services Specialist and a Treasury Services Officer.


Spending time with family is high on Erin’s list of priorities, but she also enjoys cooking and gardening. As a person who likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, she engages in physical fitness several times a week, while still carving out time to be a TeamMates Mentor, a service she has provided for 5 years and running.