Becky Feltz

Director, Commercial Payments Advisor

Becky Feltz

Becky is a Director, Commercial Payments Advisor at FNBO who works to build value for her clients through efficiency-boosting solutions that drive cost reductions and greater growth across their companies. Working individually with each business, she recommends customized solutions designed to realize projected outcomes and plans. She enjoys learning new things from her clients and watching each company achieve new goals and successes.


Becky has deep experience in the financial services industry, beginning her career as a teller before moving into personal banking. Her additional roles extend into branch management and treasury support. Becky holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Political Science from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and rounds out her professional acumen with affiliations that include serving as a board member for Leadership Kearney. She is also a member of the Leadership Kearney Class of 25.


Becky’s passion for volleyball keeps her on the court throughout the year and attending tournaments where she enjoys expanding her skills and meeting new people. In quieter moments, Becky takes time to read a new book or discover an interesting podcast. Moments like these are rare, however, as she is civically engaged as a Junior Achievement teacher, youth sports coach for basketball and soccer, and a first-grade classroom aid for her local elementary school.