Kalli Heupel

Kalli’s role as Director of Global Banking is one that suits her well as she leads the foreign exchange team through experience and dedication. She enjoys learning about the global activities of her customers and developing leading strategies to improve operational and financial outcomes. Kalli specializes in global treasury services, including foreign exchange spot transactions, FX hedging and derivatives, as well as multi-currency accounts.


Kalli’s banking career extends back to high school when she worked as a teller for a small community bank in South Dakota. She continued to pursue this path throughout college, fulfilling internships in the banking field to take on various operations within lending. Kalli joined the FNBO team in 2012 as part of the mortgage team, before moving to her current role in 2014.

Kallie holds a degree in Business and Professional accounting from Augustana University and an MBA from the University of Nebraska Omaha. She is a member of FNBO Connect, Young professionals in Agriculture and the Midwest International Trade Association.


Kalli spends her personal time pursuing a variety of hobbies. Some, like kayaking and golfing, take her into the beautiful outdoors. Others, like reading or cooking and baking, allow her to capitalize on quiet indoor moments with her husband and dog.

"Earn respect from your clients through genuine concern for their business and a shared goal for their success."