Adam Langdon

Managing Director, Enterprise Banking
Omaha, NE

Adam Langdon

Adam leads a team of talented and dedicated professionals for FNBO. He heads up a business area that is not only key to the bank’s heritage and history, but also to the regions we serve. As a Lead of Merchant Services, Adam emphasizes revenue development and growth for area companies, helping to drive business profitability in support of thriving and prosperous communities.


Adam picked up his career in merchant services right out of college, joining FNBO in 1993. Since then, he has led teams of over 200 people, enhancing banking efforts to support business growth. Throughout his career, Adam has garnered experience across multiple industries, working with a number of top financial firms to lead merchant service strategies.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from The University of Arizona as well as a Master of Business Administration from Creighton University. His was 1 of 16 to attend the Senn Delaney Culture Shaping Program in 2016. He also attended the Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN) where he was 1 of 2 leaders chosen. He remains a member of ETA and is a board member and treasurer for ICAN.


Continuing his professional passion for supporting local communities, Adam offers his time to several organizations, including Omaha Crime Stoppers, Dundee-Memorial Park Association, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha where he is on the board of trustees.

Beyond civic involvement, Adam’s interests take to the skies. As an IFR, complex, high performance endorsed private pilot, he owns and operates a Mooney M20M Bravo.

"You are who you show people you are. Actions speak louder than words. Plan your work and Work your plan."