1 August 2018– Aaron Martens is photographed at FNB Business Park.

Aaron Martens

Vice President, Transportation Banking
Omaha, NE

Aaron Martens

As Vice President of Transportation Banking, Aaron is dedicated to building local business within the Omaha community. He always strives to help commercial clients realize their dreams and does so by creating personal relationships with each business owner he serves. He focuses on learning the ins and outs of their daily operations to create the best lending and depository solutions for their needs.


Aaron joined FNBO as an intern in 2003 in the area of mortgage servicing. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he continued his work in mortgage servicing before moving over to Commercial Banking. Aaron also holds a Master of Business Administration and is a member of the Nebraska Trucking Association.


Aaron is active indoors and out, pursuing several hobbies. He enjoys both hockey and golf and keeps busy with home renovation projects. Aaron is also an ACE mentor, helping to inspire youth with a love for architecture and construction.