John Schwebach

John’s title as a Director, Community Banking at FNBO sums up his role and approach to banking. It’s all about getting to know his clients through day-to-day interactions and in turn, delivering a level of service and support that takes the stress out of financial management. As the son of small business owners, John is dedicated to seeing that commercial clients receive the financial products and support they need to watch their businesses survive and thrive.


John’s career in banking has been dedicated to the success of businesses of all sizes, including previous roles as a commercial credit analyst and a position managing a large and diverse commercial banking portfolio in northern Colorado. John graduated from South Dakota State University with a B.S. in economics.


When not traveling around to his kids’ sporting events, John remains active skiing, golfing and hiking. He is dedicated to his community and supporting its growth through charitable service with organizations such as Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Boulder Flood Relief and Keep Denver Beautiful. He recognizes that people are the heart of any community and also serves with Habitat for Humanity, the Denver Rescue Mission and Food Bank of the Rockies.

"I received some good advice from a client of mine years ago about the importance of communication. He said, ‘Of all the things you as a bank and banker have provided my business, the thing I value most is honest and prompt communication. There’s a lot of banks that will finance my business, but there are very few that will effectively communicate with me on a regular basis."