Josh Tresemer

Vice President, Correspondent & Agribusiness Banking
Corporate Banking

Josh Tresemer

Josh is a Vice President of Correspondent and Agribusiness Banking at FNBO. He manages a diverse portfolio of correspondent and agribusiness customers, working with his team to deliver a variety of financial solutions.


Josh has over 20 years of experience in banking. In addition to lending roles in Correspondent and Agribusiness Banking, he began his career at FNBO as a credit analyst. Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University and completed the Graduate School of Banking & Executive Leadership Program at the University of Wisconsin.


Josh’s top priority is spending quality time with his family, but he admits to a love of sports and attends many events each year. He also enjoys golf but says his appreciation of the game far exceeds his ability.

Josh is fortunate to take his enjoyment from sporting activities into volunteer work coaching baseball. He also serves as a Director on the Nebraska Independent Community Banker’s board.  Josh is also active with Trinity Church and presently serves on the church council.