Jim Urbach

As a Director of International Banking at FNBO, Jim works with corporate clients, financial institutions and technology partners in the Colorado market. He leads the bank’s efforts to build a correspondent network, supporting corporate customers with comprehensive lending solutions. Through valued relationships, he comes to know the business of each customer, using the operational insights gained to provide guidance across the complex world of international business.


With a 25-year career history, Jim’s previous credentials span multiple industries, including extensive experience in both global sales and banking, as well as leadership positions at top firms. His diverse experience allows him to connect with customers on a business level as he works to provide growth-inspiring banking products and to reduce the risk associated with international transactions.

Jim is a graduate of Colorado State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.


With two Bernese Mountain Dogs in his family, it’s fortunate for Jim that his favorite hobbies take him outdoors. He enjoys mountain biking and hiking with his family and the dogs as well as skiing some of the mountains’ finest powder. Jim is a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue and the Boulder Humane Society, where he works to help homeless pets.

"Your relationship with your customer is the single most important driver for success. If your customer is successful in their endeavors, the bank will likewise be successful."