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Impact by FNBO

First National Bank of Omaha's community and corporate social responsibility strategy.

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Impact by FNBO

Building strong communities:
As the great big small bank, FNBO is with our customers, employees and communities, where they are. We envision a future where all of our communities are strong and successful. We understand that in order to achieve that vision, every individual must have access to the tools, resources and opportunities that help them do more – to reach their goals and improve their overall financial well-being.

Making impacts at every level:
We understand that our role as a strong community bank places us in a unique position to positively impact our communities at every level. Whether it’s by providing financial advice and guidance, giving loans, investing in community partners, supporting our employees and locally-owned companies, or by taking measures to improve the environment, for 162 years we have remained steadfast in our focus and commitment to those who matter most – our customers, our communities, and our employees.

Act now - join us:
Impact by FNBO is the bedrock that guides our community investments and key business functions in a manner that addresses our communities’ most pressing needs. But Impact by FNBO is more than a name to describe our community and corporate social responsibility strategy. It’s a rallying call for everyone - individuals, customers, employees and community partners alike - to act now and join us in making positive impacts in their communities. Just as every individual has the right to work toward their goals and achieve financial wellness, every individual has a responsibility to do their part in helping others succeed. Because taking action today will impact future generations tomorrow.

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Where we make an impact:

The well-being of individuals and the strength of entire communities is dependent on many factors that have a synergistic effect on one another. That’s why we align our community loans and investments, as well as several key elements of our banking operations, in a manner that positively impacts these interconnected elements of a successful community:

Affordable Housing & Neighborhood Stability

We increase access to safe, affordable, and quality housing by partnering with community partners that specialize in new construction, site development, housing rehabilitation, homeownership education, and foreclosure prevention programs and services. We help revitalize distressed neighborhoods by investing in community partners who are working to bring neighborhoods back to life.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development

We help strengthen local economies through small business and entrepreneurial development and job creation by supporting training, technical assistance, education and microfinance.

Education & Workforce Development

We help strengthen individual core competencies by partnering with organizations that improve personal economic self-sufficiency, including adult basic education, and vocational and employability training.

Environmental Sustainability

We engage in proactive efforts to conserve energy, water, and waste so as to meet the needs of today without compromising future generations’ access to natural resources.

Access to Arts & Culture

We create access to cultural experiences by supporting organizations that expose individuals to the arts, cultures, humanities and athletics.

Community Cohesion

We build community cohesion by supporting organizations, events, activities and initiatives that are unique and important to our local communities.

Community Health & Wellbeing

We support positive health outcomes by partnering with organizations who create access to health care services, support the quality of life for the ill and work to cure diseases.

How we make an impact:

FNBO is proud to be the great big small bank, helping our customers, employees and our communities do more of what matters most. We’re big enough to make a difference yet small enough to know who we’re impacting. We believe our greatest impact to the long-term well-being of individuals and our communities can be made by delivering solutions that address our four community goals.

Solutions Based In Five Functional Areas of Support

  • We Support community partners that deliver impactful solutions by investing donations, community sponsorships, grants, impact investments and employee volunteer hours. If you are a nonprofit community organization seeking support, we can help. Request support today.

  • We Finance the loans and investments that are the economic engine behind the projects, people and businesses that make our communities successful.

  • We Deliver a desired employee experience so that our employees have opportunity, make an impact and belong.

  • We Buy from small, distressed and/or underserved businesses in order to support FNBO operations while simultaneously helping these businesses grow and create jobs.

  • We Strive to be resilient and have a net-positive impact on the environment.

Community Goals & Objectives

House icon To improve the availability of affordable housing and the vitality of disinvested neighborhoods. 

Open sign icon To help entrepreneurs build businesses and create jobs.

Books icon To create pathways to financial well-being for our neighbors.

Sustainability icon To positively impact the environment.

Make an Impact with FNBO

We partner with community organizations dedicated to improving one or more of our seven elements of a successful community. We do this by providing investments in the form of donations, community sponsorships, community development grants, employee volunteerism.

Impact Report

Our Community Impact Report summarizes the community investments we’ve made throughout our seven-state footprint and the outcomes that our community partners were able to achieve.

Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

View public information related to the Community Reinvestment Act.

States with FNBO Branch Locations

Learn more about the cities and states we serve.