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FNBO's Community Vision & Goals

Our vision is successful communities in all the places we call home. To achieve this vision, every individual must have access to the tools, resources and opportunities to reach their goals and improve their financial well-being. We understand many individuals from historically underserved populations face unique obstacles to financial success. That's why we embrace our responsibility as an employer, bank and community partner to improve financial well-being for all while also advancing the spirit of belonging, inclusion, diversity and equity. Much of this work is executed through our Impact by FNBO Community and Social Responsibility Strategy. As part of this strategy, we've identified four priority community goals that we believe will make the greatest impact on the strength of our communities.

  • Affordable Housing
    To improve the availability of affordable housing and the vitality of disinvested neighborhoods.
  • Help Entrepreneurs
    To help entrepreneurs build businesses and create jobs.
  • Financial Well-Being
    To create pathways to financial well-being for individuals.
  • Environment
    To positively impact the environment.

We will make significant investments in our communities by 2027

Over the next five years, we will work to achieve our priority community goals by making substantial investments in our communities and will support our community partners who deliver meaningful and lasting impacts in our communities:

We will support our community partners who deliver meaningful and lasting impacts in our communities with:

  • $36 Million in community scholarships, capital donations and impact grants. We will primarily focus on organizations working to increase access to affordable housing, help entrepreneurs build businesses and create jobs and those who help individuals obtain or improve their employment.
  • 125,000 FNBO Employee Volunteer Hours.

We will finance the loans and investments that are the economic engine behind the projects, people and businesses that make our communities successful with:

  • $200 Million in Community Development Investments with community organizations working with low-to-moderate-income individuals/families and/or in low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods or majority-minority neighborhoods in order to increase access to affordable housing, build businesses and/or create jobs.
  • $1.3 Billion in Community Development Loans for the development of multi-family affordable housing or commercial properties that will benefit low-and-moderate-income individuals, be located in a low-and-moderate-income census tracts, or located in a majority minority neighborhoods.
  • $7 Billion in Mortgage Loans for low-and-moderate-income neighborhoods, homes in minority neighborhoods, first-time home buyers, and veterans.
  • $4.5 Billion in Small Business Loans for low and moderate-income entrepreneurs and/or business owners in minority neighborhoods to help their businesses start, grow and thrive.

We will deliver a desired employee experience by continuing to drive access, equity and inclusion in our communities. We will continue to foster a culture of belonging and inclusion so that every FNBO employee is valued, has opportunity, and the ability to make an impact. This will be accomplished, in part, by:

  • Driving Inclusion & Diversity In Our Workplace. We will host a workplace culture where employees of all backgrounds feel valued and see opportunity realized and where everyone can be their authentic and whole self, in any role at any time. Likewise, we will strive to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve in the makeup of our workforce.
  • Giving Employees a Voice With Our Belonging & Inclusion Group (BIG). We will continue bulding and enhancing BIG, a program open to all FNBO employees and that runs internal awareness campaigns, hosts events intended to foster greater belonging, and serves as a platform where all employees can speak as one about how they would like to see belonging realized at FNBO.
  • Empowering Employees to Help All Individuals Become Financially Self-Sufficient through programs such as:
    • The FNBO Multicultural Banking Program which emplowers Spanish-speaking customers with Spanish marketing campaigns, bilingual branch locations and
    • Employee-led Financial Education that improves financial literacy for low-and-moderate-income individuals by providing education on topics such as budgeting, investing, savings, credit, homeownership and small business developement.

We Will Purchase $600 Million in goods and services to support FNBO operations from small businesses and businesses owned by women, minorities and veterans.

We are committed to achieving our 2035 sustainability goals. We will strive to make a positive impact on the environment by 2035 by:

  • Making $250 Million in energy-efficient investments including financing green energy and making operational improvements that decrease FNBO's carbon footprint.
  • Achieving Net Zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG Emissions by continuing to make energy-efficient improvements to our corporate offices and retail branches that reduce energy consumption. Examples include automated building systems, solar panels, mechanical system upgrades and LED lighting upgrades.
  • Reducing Water Consumption by 20% by implementing water-saving technologies such as smart irrigation systems.
  • Realizing a 90% Water Diversion Rate in corporate buildings and retail branches by implementing more robust recycling and composting programs.