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Mobile Banking

On-the-go banking for your on-the-go life.

Man's hand with a wallet and phone

Mobile Banking

Free. Secure. Anywhere.

Safely and securely access your First National Bank accounts anywhere for free with our mobile app. View and manage all of your accounts, including checking, savings, CD, credit card, home equity and mortgage loan. All account information is locked behind your user ID, password, four-digit passcode and Touch ID/Face ID.  

To get the app, search "First National Bank" in your phone's app store or click the buttons below.
Lady in a orange sweater depositing a check with her phone

Deposit Checks

Bank from anywhere.

Don’t worry about making it to a branch and deposit checks anywhere from your phone. Simply choose the account you’d like to deposit funds, enter the amount, take a picture of the front and back of your check, and submit. Like your other deposits, it will show up in your account detail once the check clears. You can also view images of previous checks you’ve deposited with the app.
Young couple in ti-shirts paying bills with their tablet

Pay Bills

Manage your bills with a touch of the button.

Make one-time payments or set up recurring payments from your First National checking account. To pay bills from the app, select the account, enter the amount, select your frequency and submit. To add a payee, select BillPay from the “More” tab, tap “add” in the top right corner, tap “Pay a Business or Individual,” search for the payee or enter routing and account info, tap submit and payee is ready to use.
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Transfer Funds

Move your money with ease.

Transfer funds easily between First National accounts (checking, savings, loans and credit card) right from your mobile device. Make a one-time transfer, or create a scheduled transfer and review, edit or cancel pending transfers.