First National Bank of Omaha Becomes FNBO

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    • Tammy Williams

      Creative Director
      Dec 08 2020

First National Bank of Omaha Becomes FNBO: New Name, Same Great Big Small Bank

In 2020, First National Bank of Omaha began changing its brand trade name and how we express our brand to FNBO. While the rebranding of the bank may alter our name, there is one thing that will never change. We remain “The great big, small bank,” the bank that’s big enough to offer financial strength, yet small enough to know who we’re protecting.  At FNBO, we are compassionately committed to our customers and their financial wellbeing. And since our founding in 1857, our family-owned bank has a history of change in order to meet the needs of our customers. Our transition to FNBO stays true to our mission and values of being “The great big, small bank” in service to our customers and our communities we call home.

Here is what you can expect as we roll out the new branding, including some information on why we’ve taken this step.

Rebranding, Part of an Evolution of Service

First National Bank of Omaha has been in business for more than 160 years. During that time, our brand has gone through many changes, all designed to better reflect our values and commitment to our customers. Because at the heart of who we are, and who we’ve always been, it’s about doing what’s right for who is most important to us – our customers.

This rebranding initiative is the latest evolution in that process, ensuring that we stay connected to our customers’ evolving needs, expectations and preferences to provide them with the right financial solutions and experiences at the right time.

The banking industry has seen a number of changes over the last decade. More customers now use digital channels for traditional transactions than ever before. And this transformation requires financial institutions to act in new ways, provide new services, and work harder at building customer relationships.

To meet these needs and to continue providing the level of support you expect from us, we’ve continued to evolve our services. New online and mobile tools have been introduced to simplify your banking experience as we continue to grow our presence and geographical footprint.

Our commitment to innovation and forward-thinking ideas is dedicated to achieving one overarching goal—building longstanding relationships with our customers and delivering the personalized level of service that’s synonymous with FNBO.

Having a modern, approachable and simplified way to represent who we are as FNBO, “The great big, small bank,” also lends itself to more innovative ways of reaching customers where they are, and how they choose to bank with us. As a result, we are taking advantage of new communication tools to expand our presence beyond our physical locations. The FNBO Facebook page, for example, provides timely guidance to help you make the most of your money and the accounts you hold with FNBO. We have also started a YouTube channel featuring our recurring Dollar Belles video series. The Dollar Belles features a group of real people sharing real challenges and insights on the financial topics you value most.

Our YouTube channel is complimented by the Cashology section of our website, a place where customers can read about money matters and improve their financial literacy and skills. In addition, we are continuously launching innovative online and mobile tools, all designed to simplify banking and help you accomplish more.

While initiatives like these underscore FNBO’s strong commitment to the customers we serve, we are only one of over 320 “First National Banks” across the country, and not every bank with the First National name embraces the customer-first ethics we value or our commitment to innovation.

To differentiate our brand and lay claim to the value we provide, we have embarked upon our rebranding journey, underscoring our commitment to be with our customers, where they are in their financial journey. And whenever you need us, from brick and mortar to beyond, we’ll be there to help along the way.

What You Can Expect from the New Brand

With our new brand, you can expect us to operate beyond “business as usual,” and you will see a number of changes as we continue to roll out the elements of the new brand.

Currently, you can find the new logo and our core services, “Banking, Mortgage and Wealth” on our buildings across our footprint, in our advertising, on our website and social media platforms. Our ATMs, along with where you’ll find us when searching for locations online as “FNBO” have adopted the new branding as well.

As we make these changes, we restate our commitment to our customers and to providing the innovative tools and products you need to reach your financial goals. As FNBO, our commitment to your success remains steadfast, with the people, products and services to help you do more, both big and small. After all, it’s what you can expect from “The great big, small bank.”

About the Author

Tammy Williams is currently Creative Director at FNBO. She has over 20 years of experience in creative visual, advertising and marketing disciplines. She manages a team of creative professionals as part of the FNBO Enterprise Marketing team to ensure FNBO customers understand the bank’s role and presence in their lives. She loves her team and the work they produce in service to FNBO’s customers, and is a proud steward of the 160-year-old brand and its suite of banking products that build brand familiarity, favorability and preference.

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