FNBO Releases '2020 Wealth Outlook'

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      Jan 22 2020


Press Release

Release Date: January 22, 2020

First National Bank of Omaha Releases ‘2020 Wealth Outlook’

—Bank Expects U.S. Economy Will Grow Around 2%, Supported by High Levels of Consumer Confidence and a Strong Labor Market—

OMAHA, Neb.  January 22, 2020—First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) today released its 2020 Outlook. Prepared by First National Bank’s Wealth Management division, the Outlook provides a comprehensive evaluation of the U.S. and global economy and how, using the bank’s forecasted trends, to tailor portfolios to meet life goals.

“Election year or not, the same principles apply: setting and adhering to an appropriate long-term asset allocation helps temper investor biases. Owning a diversified portfolio helps to mitigate risk and could provide peace of mind in a volatile political environment,” said Kurt Spieler, Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management, First National Bank of Omaha.

“With high levels of consumer confidence underpinned by a strong labor market as the cornerstone of our forecast, we believe the U.S. economy will grow around 2% in 2020, leading to a recovery of earnings growth,” said Spieler.

Among the bank’s additional forecasted economic trends for 2020:

  • Manufacturing will stabilize, leading to modest world growth of around 3%.
  • Earnings growth and low interest rates will allow price-to-earnings multiples to remain high and lead to positive returns.
  • While trade tariffs have negatively impacted profitability and business investment spending, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (“USMCA”) agreement and a trade deal with China should reduce uncertainty.

“Ultimately, policy matters, not politics. Regulation, trade disputes, and taxes are policy issues that could affect the broader U.S. and global economy. We make investment decisions based on our economic outlook, company profits, and relative valuations among asset classes,” said Spieler. “For investors, staying disciplined in a diversified portfolio will always be the long-term key to success.”

To read the full text of First National Bank of Omaha’s 2020 Outlook—which outlines in-depth data, trends, insights and analysis for investors, businesses and consumers across the country—visit 2020 Outlook

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