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Dollar Belles Video Series

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      Mar 03 2020

Dollar Belles Video Series

Financial Tips and Tricks from Three Financially-Focused Ladies

Is avocado toast really going to bankrupt you? How can you even think about a budget with student loans, a cell phone bill, a car payment AND finding a place with decent rent? Does your credit score really matter, or is it a made up number like the time the cable company gives you when booking an appointment?

These are the questions that FNBO is committed to helping you answer through our Dollar Belles financial video series. Dollar Belles, which launched in January 2020, features three financially focused ladies who spill the tea in a fun and engaging way on all things related to managing your money. Topics include tips on how to budget and save, managing and building credit, paying down debt, budgeting for your new home, saving for retirement, planning your next vacation, and so much more.

A new Dollar Belles video is published every two weeks on our YouTube channel and promoted via Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to be the first to learn new tips and tricks. It’s real talk from real people who have the same real issues as you do.

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