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      Jul 05 2022

Customers of FNBO – Old Town Media


We’re proud to feature Old Town Media, an award-winning creative agency in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Old Town Media was born out of a passion for creativity shared by Miles Kailburn and his wife, Vallene.

“While I say it jokingly, it's fairly true that we accidentally started Old Town Media and then just kept going,” said Kailburn, who serves as Chief Executive Officer. “It was just the two of us working on projects, and as we grew, we added team members.”

Since its inception in 2007, the company has developed into a large regional creative agency, serving clients across the country. It’s the couple’s shared curiosity, as well as their intentional vision for the agency’s future, that’s made Old Town Media the success it is today.

“Our core values – Integrity, Care, Curiosity, Perseverance and Earn It – are authentically us, and have been since we founded the company,” Kailburn said.

“These have helped shape where and how we spend our time and the decisions we make on a daily basis. Knowing who you are, as a leadership team or as a founder, is key to building something intentional.”

This sense of intentionality is something Kailburn recommends to anyone looking to start their own business.

“Starting and operating a business is a marathon,” he said. “Just like putting one foot in front of the other in a marathon, starting and building a business is about taking those daily small steps forward. Over time, you start to cover a lot of ground and make progress.”

In the wake of COVID-19, many companies had to rethink how they did business. Fortunately for Kailburn, Old Town Media was poised to succeed even in this uncertain time.

“Our clients are spread out over about five industries, with the majority of those being industries that boomed during the pandemic,” he said. “We were able to support them and help them grow.”

Kailburn also credits the Old Town Media team for its flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to new working conditions.

“Our work lends itself to a flexible working environment, and we were able to transition to a remote work environment easily,” he said. “As we've trended in the direction of normalcy, we still operate in a hybrid environment, allowing our team the flexibility to best deliver results to our clients.”

This focus on delivering results is what’s made Old Town Media the successful business it is today – and it’s also what made Kailburn choose FNBO for the agency’s banking needs.

“A point had come where our previous bank could no longer meet our needs,” he said. They just weren't set up to support businesses and the friction was becoming a distraction to us.”

After meeting with a half dozen banks, FNBO became the clear choice for Old Town Media.

“Their team knew the area and the region well. They were staffed appropriately and had the level of service offerings that we would not outgrow,” Kailburn said.

“FNBO has evolved into a strategic partner for us, helping manage our capital, providing insight and perspective on capital investments, and truly being our banking partner.”

Want to learn how FNBO can become your banking partner? Learn more.


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