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Customers of FNBO - Schuler Red Angus

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      Aug 23 2022

Customers of FNBO - Schuler Red Angus


We’re proud to feature David Schuler, who owns and operates Schuler Red Angus with his family in Bridgeport, Nebraska.

Schuler Red Angus got its start when David’s grandmother Mary-Lou Olsen inherited the ranch in 1959. She married David’s grandfather and began the adventure of becoming a cow-calf producer at the young age of 21.

After 20 years, the couple began a seedstock program to develop and raise bulls for commercial cattle programs and neighboring ranches. The family is committed to supplying cow-calf producers with high-performing, efficient and sustainable genetics that will help feed the world.

“Opportunities for growth in agriculture partly come from being in the right place at the right time, but I believe a majority of our growth comes from hard work and determination,” David said.

“My parents, Butch and Susan Schuler, are the epitome of going out and proving hard work, sacrifice and determination pay off. I’m glad to help continue that legacy into the third generation and continue to find opportunities to grow our business and brand.”

FNBO has been along for the ride since the 1980s when David’s parents purchased a parcel of land to expand the ranch.

“Ever since, the bank has been a guide for growth and economic stability for our business,” David said

David enjoys the friendships and contacts established at FNBO. “I have never had to ever think of FNBO as a bank, but rather as a partner for our ranch and business.”

Over the years, as the Schuler family built their business, they focused on how to make it sustainable for future generations. Hard work and careful planning helped Schuler Red Angus grow into what it is today.

“Over the years, developing land for pivot irrigation and building sustainable infrastructure like pipelines, solar wells, updated electrical grids, processing barns and rotational grazing practices have been key to growing our ranch for the future generation,” David said.

These practices will help the Schuler family continue their legacy of providing cow-calf producers with quality genetics for years to come.

Because the Schulers are practiced in adaptability, their reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic was no exception. “We learned to be really proficient in selling our genetics online throughout the pandemic,” David said.

“Having resources available on our website to sell our bulls live on our bull sale day helped immensely. While we are still seeing economic challenges and supply issues, we are lucky that the pandemic itself did not change our way of life to any unpredictable level.”

Shuler Red Angus celebrated the 40-year anniversary of its first bull sale this year. Although the business may look different these days, the philosophy remains the same: Nothing beats hard work.

That resolve is what David recommends to anyone looking to start their own business or pursue their passions.

“Choose a pathway and go 100% into it headfirst,” he said. “Even if that avenue, hobby, job or project doesn’t work out, I guarantee the experience, lessons and connections gained from taking chances are priceless.”

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