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Customers of FNBO - Bianchi Candle Co

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      Customer Stories
      Feb 02 2023

Customers of FNBO - Bianchi Candle Co.


We’re proud to feature Nic Bianchi, founder and owner of Bianchi Candle Co. The Omaha company specializes in small-batch, handcrafted candles to ensure consistency and quality, and strives to create the best fragrances and longest-lasting candles.   

Bianchi began developing an entrepreneurial spirit as a child. His parents noticed it when he was 7 and drew a logo for the company he wanted to start. Then, at age 12 his parents gifted him a candle-making kit.

“I fell in love with the math and science of it,” Bianchi said. “I poured my time into designing unique candles that would smell amazing and burn clean and long. I started giving them to my teachers who started ordering them. The rest is history.”

The company has grown tremendously, and Bianchi credits that to the people who surround him.

“Especially those I can lean on when I am trying to solve problems or figure something out,” the 20-year-old entrepreneur said. “My parents, my family, my teachers and I spend a lot of time connecting with the community and groups who are there to elevate each other.”

He recommends the same thing for anyone looking to start their own business — surround yourself with people who can help you make it happen.

“Take the leap, take a chance,” Bianchi said. “Keep moving forward with it, keep pushing on and just make sure you have the right people in your corner.”

Bianchi also grew his company through perseverance and plenty of trial and error. There were many moments where he was ready to throw up his hands and give up, but, ultimately, he’s thankful for those learning opportunities. 

In fact, another suggestion he offers others looking to take a risk and start a business is, “Learn from other people’s mistakes. Learn from everybody and then make the best decision going forward.”

Bianchi wants his products to help people move forward through challenging times.

“Candles provide warmth and a sense of hope during difficult times and are lit during moments of celebration or gatherings of loved ones,” he said. “When we saw signs of a recession, we huddled and created a new product offering — an everyday candle evoking moments for us to cherish (the Market Street Candle Co. Line).”

His candles also provided comfort for people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it was an unpredictable time for businesses, Bianchi said people purchased more candles because they were at home so much more.

FNBO has proudly worked with Bianchi Candle Co. since it began bringing light into people’s lives.

“FNBO has been a great partner for our family in many ways, which for me started off as a savings account as a child to my first checking account to my first business account, credit card and credit line,” Bianchi said. “I wanted a bank who would partner with me during each stage of life. FNBO is it.”

Interested in making FNBO your business banking partner? Learn how we support businesses of all sizes.  

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