Promoting Kindness in Omaha, FNBO’s Mission Comes to Life

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    • Regina DeMars

      Director of Content Marketing & Social Media
      Apr 28 2022

Promoting Kindness in Omaha, FNBO’s Mission Comes to Life

AuthorRegina DeMars, Director of Content Marketing & Social Media

If you've ever set your sights on a dream, you might have been told not to go chasing rainbows. Fortunately, FNBO has a different message to share –one of kindness, a value we recently brought to life through an interactive mural in Omaha.

Creating a Mural to Promote Kindness

As soon as you cross paths with FNBO’s vibrant and interactive mural, you’re immediately struck with a feeling of hope and happiness. The street art, created by Kelsey Montague and commissioned by FNBO, was designed as part of the Omaha metro’s Be Kind movement, a co-initiative with area businesses that aims to make a difference across local communities.

FNBO has long history of supporting organizations that positively impact the lives of others, such as Boys Town and its suicide prevention awareness efforts. The regional bank also partners with Youth Frontiers on Kindness Retreats held at elementary schools across Nebraska.

Recently, we doubled down on the ideal of kindness with the Be Kind Visa® debit card series. Customers can select designs that reflect themes about which they are passionate, such as empowering females, raising suicide awareness, and making the world a better place through random acts of kindness. 

Use of the debit card underscores a person’s commitment to a cause and often leads to discussions about the issues as the cards are used at retail locations and other venues. Conversations raise awareness and open opportunities for others to become involved.

Which brings us full circle back to the street art created by Kelsey Montague. The Blackstone mural underscores our commitment to kindness and community activism. The vibrant colors not only reflect the design scheme of our Be Kind debit cards, but also symbolize the message of inclusivity represented by its rainbow design.

Building Up the Rainbow

Each color of the rainbow is important and carries significance. For instance, orange represents positivity and vitality, while green is the color of life. Yellow and blue are also important facets of the Be Kind message, representing happiness and stability respectively.

We selected Montague to paint the Be Kind rainbow because she embodies the overall message of positivity and community support through her artwork. In 2014, the artist began creating large-scale interactive street art as part of a  #WhatLiftsYou campaign, an effort designed to encourage people to talk about what inspires them.

Murals set on city streets invite passersby to stop and pose as part of the image, underscoring their commitment to things they love. Even singer Taylor Swift posed with one of Montague’s angel wings murals, quickly promoting the street art and uplifting message.

Montague’s #WhatLiftsYou campaign aligns directly with FNBO’s mission. Treating others with kindness and supporting organizations that do the same is an integral part of how we do business and is truly what lifts the organization above other financial institutions.

Montague easily recognized the spirit of kindness and inclusivity in our vision and gladly accepted the Be Kind mural commission.

"Their campaign to encourage kindness is something I believe we need more of, especially during these tough times,” Montague said. “The FNBO team is incredibly kind and actively supported creating such a vibrant, colorful piece. I couldn't have asked for a better project to be part of.”

The mural symbolizes kindness and inclusivity through the visual representation of a rainbow and will serve as a reflection of FNBO’s Be Kind campaign and continued commitment to supporting a kinder world.

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