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Customers of FNBO—Arapahoe Rental’s Story

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      Jan 04 2022

Customers of FNBO—Arapahoe Rental’s Story

We’re proud to feature Arapahoe Rental in Colorado. Arapahoe Rental specializes in equipment and party rentals, with nine locations across the state of Colorado.

Andy Stewart, owner of Arapahoe Rental, and his siblings took ownership of Arapahoe Rental together in 2013, becoming the next generation in their family’s long line of business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Arapahoe Rental has existed as a general rental store for over 50 years and spanned three separate ownership groups,” Stewart explained. “It ran as a one-store operation until 2004, when then-owners Jeff and Joel Henderson opened a second location in the small town of Windsor, Colorado. We purchased those two locations from the Hendersons in early 2013 and have been growing it ever since — totaling nine stores now,”

In the early 1900s, Stewart’s great-grandfather ran a grocery store in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and children. Decades later, Stewart’s parents and grandparents worked as business partners for over 30 years — and after retiring, it was their idea for Stewart and his siblings to start the next family enterprise.

“They pitched us the idea of finding a business ‘large enough to support us physically and financially’ in a place we would all enjoy living,” Stewart recalled.

In 2013 the siblings acquired Arapahoe Rental — and the rest, as they say, is history. While Stewart is proud of the growth the company has experienced in his time there, the customer experience has always remained Arapahoe Rental’s top priority.

“At our core, we’re just a small business focused on having positive experiences with every one of our customers,” Stewart said. “If you keep the focus on the customer, regardless of how large or small the company is, success will follow.”

“We cater our equipment inventory to the DIY homeowner as well as the small-to-medium contractor who is actively building their business but might not have the capital to invest in expensive equipment just yet,” Stewart explained.

From basic lawnmowers and folding chairs to heavy-duty forklifts and weatherproofed tents, Arapahoe Rental is committed to providing anything its clients need, big or small — and that shared philosophy is what led Stewart to FNBO for his business banking needs.

“In all of our interactions, whether that be trying to acquire a $3 million dollar business or a $10,000 piece of equipment, we always feel that FNBO has our interests at heart,” Stewart said. "FNBO, and specifically Jeremy Ehardt, our banker, have been there with us every step of the way. That is unique in the banking world and why we keep coming back.”

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