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Customers of FNBO—Music Depot

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      Mar 11 2022

Customers of FNBO—Music Depot

We’re proud to feature Jenni Sweet, owner of Music Depot in Greeley, Colorado. As a Greeley native, Sweet has always been passionate about the local music scene.

“It was always a dream to own a music store and help grow the music community in our city,” Sweet said.

Luckily for Sweet, a chance encounter with an old acquaintance in 2008 turned her dream into reality.

“The previous owner, Mark Payne, bought the store in 1999 and joined forces with Jess Redmon, who owned the Greeley Guitar Center. I’ve known Mark since I was about seven years old,” Sweet said. “Our mutual accountant reintroduced us in 2008, and I started working at Music Depot shortly after.”

In 2019, when Payne decided it was time to retire, Sweet and her husband took over the business for themselves.

“Mark and Jess built a solid foundation and a wonderful customer base, so we have worked hard on maintaining that while modernizing the business as well as the actual store,” Sweet said.

From expanding into a second storefront to boosting Music Depot’s brand awareness, Sweet has seen impressive growth in her time as owner.

“We’ve brought Music Depot into the 21st century by updating our website and growing our social media presence, as well as offering financing and even local delivery,” Sweet said.

And despite all the growth Music Depot has experienced, Sweet remains more focused on music and community than profit margins and square footage.

“One of our main priorities was, and continues to be, getting involved with the prolific music scene in Greeley,” Sweet said. “It is the strength of our community, as well as the dedication and loyalty of our customers, that keeps us going.”

Despite all the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and today’s “new normal,” Sweet credits Music Depot’s continued success to its dedicated and loyal customers – as well as the dedicated service and expertise of her business banking team at FNBO.

“Mark Payne, the previous owner, recommended FNBO when I decided to buy the store,” Sweet said. “I am so glad he did!”

“Our banker Erica Herman worked tirelessly to make sure I had everything I needed to take over the store, and then again when the pandemic hit,” Sweet said. “We would’ve closed long ago if not for their hard work, dedication, problem solving and support.”

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