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      Apr 05 2022

Customers of FNBO—P Diamond Livestock

We’re proud to feature Holli and Justin Sollenbarger, owners of P Diamond Livestock in Rand, Colorado.

When asking Holli and Justin how they ended up in the North Park area of Colorado, Holli explained, “We came to this area and started working, and then we worked for the ranch we're on,” Holli said.

After 10 years of working for the owners of the ranch, the Sollenbargers were given the opportunity to lease the land for themselves and purchase the cattle and equipment from the owners.

“We had our own vision, and we wanted to pursue our vision, and we had no idea it would be here,” Holli said. “It's been a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but we now have the set of cows we can look at, and it's nice to see that we've raised them.”

Flash forward and now Holli and Justin are proud of their herd of around 800 cattle that are specifically bred to thrive in the high Colorado altitude.

“The big true reason we're in this is for the land and the cattle,” Holli said. “It's to take care of this beautiful country we live in. It's one of the most beautiful places on the planet and we get to live here.”

“We have a lot of respect for the land, and we want to take care of what we have. If you take care of it, it takes care of you," Holli said.

This principle of providing excellent care is one that the Sollenbargers share with FNBO and is part of the reason they decided to follow their banker to FNBO when he left their previous bank.

“We met Ryan Land when he was with a different bank and followed him to FNBO,” Holli said. “The old bank wasn't fitting what we were doing, so we moved with Ryan.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

“We’re not a huge operation. When we first got financed, it was a big deal, and we've continued to grow,” Holli said. “With Ryan and FNBO's help, we've been able to thrive.”

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