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First National Institutional Asset Management

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Institutional Asset Management

Focused on long-term success

When it comes to asset management, we believe customer longevity is one of the hallmarks of success. Why? Because it means we understand the needs of our clients and have designed portfolios to optimize outcomes while mitigating risk and reducing costs. It also means we’ve developed open, question-ready relationships to provide additional guidance and understanding. Finally, longevity means that we’ve provided superior service and created lasting peace-of-mind.

From the initial development or updating of the IPS, to asset allocation and portfolio management, it’s our goal to serve your organization and create long-term success.

Understanding leads to optimal performance

The first goal of our investment team is to know your organization’s values, mission, goals and long-term outlook. From this deep understanding, we can better serve you in everything we do. This includes:

  • Customizing your portfolio to match your return goals, risk tolerance and offer a range of investments (from conservative to aggressive) to complement each.
  • Within your established objectives, our investment team employs a disciplined approach of allocating assets among the major asset classes: equities, bonds, alternatives (when allowed by your IPS) and cash.
  • Based on the long-term valuations of each asset class and our assessment of market conditions, we set target weightings to provide clients with above average risk-adjusted returns.

With you at the center, our team-based structure is also used for rigorous research and analysis and implementation of recommendations. Within these guidelines, we believe we can deliver a diversified portfolio with superior risk-adjusted performance for capital appreciation, income generation, preservation of capital or all the above.

These national-caliber investment services are then bundled with our state-of-the art operation, custody and performance reporting capabilities for all-inclusive service.

Proven Experience

Why Institutional Asset Management at First National Bank?

  • 400 + institutional clients
  • More than 230 Foundation/Endowment accounts
  • Chartered Financial Analysts
  • State-of-the-art operational, custody and performance reporting capabilities

Focused institutional knowledge with expertise in:

  • IPS development/maintenance
  • Spending policies/ cash-flow analysis/ asset allocation
  • Fiduciary obligations
  • Board and/or IC meetings
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