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First National Bank Overdraft Options

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Overdraft Options

While we don’t encourage overdrafts, we understand that unanticipated expenses or unforeseen problems can leave you with not enough money in your checking account.  Our goal is to assist you in avoiding unexpected Overdraft or Return Item fees as well as the inconvenience of having transactions declined or returned unpaid.  The information below is aimed at helping you understand the Overdraft coverage options we provide and how they may benefit you.

We encourage you to view our Account Alerts options developed to help you stay on top of your finances, our Account Management Best Practices for advice on how to manage your account as well as the External Online Resources we provide for additional financial education.

First National Bank Offers Two Layers of Overdraft Coverage

Overdraft Protection

An optional savings or line of credit account linked to your checking that can help secure your buying power and reduce bank fees and declined transactions.  Money is advanced automatically in exact amounts when you need them, helping to keep your account from becoming overdrawn.

Overdraft Service1

Coverage for when your checking and linked Overdraft Protection account (if enrolled) does not have enough money available to cover a transaction.  This tells us in advance how you would like us to consider paying transactions that will cause your account to become overdrawn.

How to set-up, change or cancel your overdraft services

You can set-up, change or cancel your Overdraft coverage at any time by logging in to your Online Banking account, visiting a branch or calling 866-432-2310 to speak with a Customer Care Specialist.

Best practices for managing your account
Tips for managing your account and avoiding fees
  • Carefully review the Overdraft coverage options we provide while considering how you use and plan to use your checking account.
  • Keep track of spending by keeping a check register up-to-date.  Enter each check, debit card purchase, transfer and ATM withdrawal as it is made and keep track of automactic payments such as utilities and insurance.
  • Review your statement regularly.
  • Register your account for Online Banking and download our Mobile Banking app, they're both free!  Then set up Online Account Alerts to receive email updates on the status of your First National Bank checking, savings, money market, line of credit, CD/IRA and credit card accounts.
  • Try to keep a little cushion in your accounts and do not rely on check clearing time.  With mobile payments and electronic transfers, there is little time between when you write a check and when it clears your account.  Many point-of-sale systems can scan your check and withdraw the money instantly - just like a debit card.
  • If you would like assistance managing your accounts, stop by any of our convenient locations and a banker will be happy to help you.
External online resources
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Overdraft Option FAQ's

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1 The payment of transactions into overdraft is discretionary and we reserve the right to not pay. Generally, we do not pay overdrafts if you are not making regular deposits, or you have excessive overdrafts, or based on your account history and how you maintain your account. We may change your overdraft privileges due to poor account management. Our Overdraft Item Fee is $33 per item (max 4 per day). We will not charge you this fee if your balance is overdrawn by $20 or less, or the transaction overdrawing the account is $20 or less. Our Return Item Fee is $33 per item (max 4 per day). If an item has been previously returned and charged the Return Item Fee, and is later represented for payment and subsequently returned, another Return Item Fee will be charged (subject to the max of 4 per day). FNBO cannot control the number of times an item may be presented to FNBO for payment. We will not charge you this fee if the amount of the transaction being returned is $20 or less. We may pay overdrafts for checks and other transactions using your account number and for automatic bill payments (ACH and recurring debit transactions), and if you give us permission, we may authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM transactions and everyday non-recurring debit transactions (individual debit card purchases such as grocery store or one-time online purchases). Our expectation is your bring your account to a positive balance immediately (including payment of all bank fees and charges).