Bilingual Talent Advisor


I was born and raised in the Midwest by Cuban immigrants who quickly became American Citizens, so as a result of that I became a proud Cuban American woman with the small town country gal charm! Surrounded by supportive and influential family and friends, life in small town Illinois helped me form my values, drivers and strong morals, particularly around relationships. I grew to believe in the power of a smile, a helping hand, genuine compliment and the true meaning of my faith. My dream was to have a career in Marine Biology at the ripe young age of 19 and then life threw me a few unexpected curve balls. I was blessed to come across a couple of extremely strong and powerful women in the banking industry that immediately took me under their wings. These women mentored me and shaped me into the banking powerhouse I was meant to become all along. I joined one of the top financial institutions in the state of Illinois. I became a Personal Banker and within 3 months I was promoted to Senior Banker where I was ranked # 10 out of 588 Bankers company wide within my first year of being a Senior Banker...and the rest was history! When I met those two women 25 years ago I never could have ever imagined how much that day was about to change my life. I never realized that banking was meant to be my path but here I am today and I cannot see myself anywhere else. My mother passed away 9 years ago, when she was only 62 years old. I will always remember her saying to me when I was 16 years old that her dream was always for me to be a Banker some day. So I smile every time I think of her saying that to me, knowing that I made her dream come true, as she watches me from heaven.

Banking is my passion. In the 25 years I have been in banking, I was a manager for 16 years. I worked with several types of personalities/experiences and I enjoyed them all. I love being a cheerleader and motivator to ensure excellent customer service is always delivered very smoothly and naturally. I am often told by customers that I make them feel so comfortable and special, that they feel like family. With every relationship that I form, I always apply what comes naturally to smile and outgoing personality, along with my wealth of banking knowledge…that combination is always sure to win every single time! I do not have a shy bone in my body and that has been my key to success in both my life and career!

Why Did You Choose FNBO?

When it comes to your career, finding the perfect job isn't easy. It’s about the work, the company, the people and the impact. Finding the right company is the main key, the secret ingredient that makes your future and livelihood feel truly meaningful. A friend of mine that I met in banking over 11 years ago as colleagues in management, joined FNBO a few years ago. Every time I spoke to him I would hear a sense of pride, happiness and overall comfort in his voice when he would speak to me about FNBO and that always spoke volumes to me! A bank that respected its employees and made him feel like a truly valued individual as opposed to just a number, as many of us had experienced at the larger big box banking corporations. I have been in banking my entire career of 25 years with 16 years of that being spent in management. I joined FNBO 1.5 years ago and I just recently made the transition into the Talent Acquisition Team, from the retail banking sector. Overall, I have most definitely felt that sense of "home" here at FNBO and for the first time in my career I can see myself wanting to stay at a bank for the long term into my retirement. This is…My Great Big Small Home! I am extremely passionate about this exciting chapter in my banking career, with the outstanding Talent Acquisition Team! I get to help people join this true gem of a bank, all while helping them advance in their careers…and that in and of itself is an absolutely rewarding experience!!

Fun Fact

With me being Cuban and born in the Midwest, my parents taught me Spanish before English, to ensure that I would be fluent in both languages. So I went into Kindergarten only knowing Spanish! Yet my teacher told my parents that I made the most friends in the classroom! Go figure!


I am a very passionate dog lover and I work very closely with the Cocker Spaniel Rescue that covers Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and parts of Kentucky/Ohio – Rockstar Cocker Rescue. I have 2 rescue boys of my own.... Rafael "Rafi" is an adorable fluffy 50 lb Mutt that looks like a Sheepdog Mix. He was dumped on the side of a highway down in Georgia when he was just a 4 month old puppy! I saw him online and my heart immediately broke for him! So without hesitation, I made the craziest 2 day road trip of my life and I drove down to Georgia to rescue him! My second rescue boy is Romeo, he is a chocolate and white Merle Cocker Spaniel. I rescued him from a young lady in Iowa that could no longer take care of him after having her first baby and 3 stepchildren in her home. My boys bring so much joy into my life and they have rescued me in return, more than I ever knew was even possible! The power of love is a very real thing!