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Customers of FNBO – Asmus Farm Supply

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      Jun 12 2023

Customers of FNBO – Asmus Farm Supply

We are proud to feature Harlan Asmus, president of Asmus Farm Supply, which is headquartered in Rake, Iowa.

Asmus Farm Supply came to life in 1960 when Harvey Asmus, Harlan’s father, saw an opportunity to improve the crop production industry. Harvey implemented the use of synthetic chemical products for crop production, pioneering the practice before it was common.

Harvey built a reputation as an industry leader. Since then, continuous focus, expertise and commitment to serving the market has helped the family business grow. The team works tirelessly to deliver the outcomes that customers want to experience.

“We try to hire the most qualified individuals to carry our mission and purpose to the market,” said Harlan.

As agriculture has evolved, so has Asmus Farm Supply. From warehouse expansions to office upgrades and five locations in Iowa and Minnesota, the company has undergone many changes. But they didn’t all happen at once. Growing a business takes time and patience, and that's the advice Harlan would share with people looking to start their own business.

“Don’t expect to be successful overnight,” he said. “Start small, expect some ideas to fail. Focus on what you do well and deliver that to prospects who, over time, should become customers.”

To keep up with industry innovations, the business needed a bank that understands agriculture.

“FNBO appealed to us because they know agriculture, they're a family-owned business and their size is recognizable by manufacturers and distributors that want to know we are working with a large, stable financial institution,” Harlan said. “We like how friendly the people are. Everyone we have interacted with are sincere in wanting to support us and our company.”

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