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FNBO and SmartProperty Join Forces to Improve Capital Reserve Management for Community Associations

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    • Kris Gjylameti

      Director, Community Association Banking
      Apr 30 2024

FNBO and SmartProperty Join Forces to Improve Capital Reserve Management for Community Associations

Author: Kris Gjylameti, Director, Community Association Banking

FNBO is partnering with SmartProperty to enhance the financial management and operational efficiency of community associations nationwide. This strategic collaboration will provide community associations with an integrated approach to reserve management, combining SmartProperty's Living Reserve Study™ with FNBO's banking solutions.

SmartProperty expands traditional reserve studies by offering a dynamic, proactive financial roadmap for community associations, ensuring a comprehensive asset management experience. FNBO will add specialized banking services, making the reserve study findings even more valuable. The partnership focuses on:

  • Offering tailored banking solutions to ensure community association funds are efficiently managed, keeping costs low while maximizing returns.
  • Enhancing decision-making capabilities to allow for precise fund allocation and strategic planning through access to real-time insights from the Living Reserve Study.

"We're thrilled to partner with FNBO, a move that aligns with our mission to provide community associations with the tools and insights needed for optimal financial health," said Damian J. Esparza, CEO of SmartProperty. "This partnership is more than just a combination of services; it's about setting a new standard for financial stewardship in the community management industry."

The collaboration with SmartProperty underscores FNBO’s dedication to offering tailored financial solutions that address the specific needs of community associations. The partnership represents a forward-thinking approach to reserve management, where technology and banking excellence come together to support the sustainable growth and financial stability of community associations across the United States.

About the Author
As a director of Community Association Banking at FNBO, Kris establishes strategic partnerships with management companies and business partners. He is deeply committed to leveraging the convergence of banking and technology to improve the banking experience for community associations. 

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