Paper or Plastic? 4 Reasons to Reach for a Debit Card When Making Purchases

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      May 14 2019

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When it comes to paying for the things you want and need, you have many options. Whether you reach for cash, a check, a credit card or a debit card depends on many factors including personal preference, what you’re purchasing, and who you’re purchasing from, and each has a place in your wallet. Here are four instances, however, in which you might choose debit: 

No Debt Accumulation

We’ve all been there - eyeing an expensive pair of sunglasses that we really, really want right now but don’t have enough money for. Because debit cards are tied directly to a bank account, you’re only spending your own money rather than purchasing on credit, which reduces the risk of overspending and piling up unwanted debt. When using a debit card, if the funds aren’t in the account, the sunglasses may have to wait.

Pay Friends (or Bills)

Remember the days when the only way you could pay someone back was via cash or check?  Now with P2P payment services such as Zelle®, The Cash App and Venmo, you can quickly and conveniently pay your friends back electronically. Often, these payment services are free when your account is linked to a debit card.

Also, millennials are more likely to pay student loans and rent for an apartment – monthly bills older generations are less likely to have. Often, using a debit card allows you to pay these bills without incurring additional processing fees.

Safer Than Cash

Let’s be honest, carrying around a bunch of cash not only takes up a lot of space in your wallet, it can be risky too. Using a debit card provides you with easy access to your money while taking up minimal space in your wallet. It also eliminates the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

No Need to Apply

The majority of the time, a checking account is all you need to obtain a debit card. There is no need to worry about submitting an application in order to obtain your card. With a debit card, you easily have the power and convenience of paying with plastic.

Debit cards are a simple and convenient way to pay for things. An FNBO personal banker can help you find the checking account and debit card that best meets your needs, including our pictured Rose Gold debit card. Or, if you find that a credit card best meets your needs, we can help you with that too. Call or stop by a branch today.

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